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The Geometric Methods of Modeling and Visualization (GMMV) project focuses on developing methodologies of statistical learning and data mining for large scale information visualization.

Project Website   

Learning-based Interactive Visualization for Engineering design (LIVE):  
   Demo Video

Techniques and languages used: ActionScript, Java

Yan, X., Qiao, M., Li, J., Simpson, T. W., Stump, G. M. and Zhang, X. (2011) “A Work-Centered Visual Analytics Model to Support Engineering Design”, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 45 - Visual Analysis of Massive Data for Decision Support and Operational Management (Best Paper Nomination).

Yan, X., Qiao, M, Simpson, T. W., Li, J. and Zhang, X. (2011) “LIVE: A Work-Centered Approach to Support Visual Analytics of Multi-Dimensional Engineering Design Data with Interactive Visualization and Data-Mining”, ASME Design Engineering Technical Conferences - Design Automation Conference.


GalleryPlot is an experimental image browsing interface that clusters images based on both of their semantic and content information. Try the Demo (Adobe Flash needed) to visualize more than 20,000 images from the Web Gallery of Art.

Techniques and languages used: ActionScript, Java, MySQL


Maprooms is a collaborative environment that allows experts from different areas interactively working together for solutions of emergency situations.

Demo (Adobe Flash needed)

The second phase of this work is to enhance more in depth collaboration by allowing mobile users to upload live photos and comments to desktop server side.

Techniques and languages used: ActionScript, Google Maps API, Java, MySQL, Android Development

Wu, A., Yan, X., and Zhang, X. (2011) “Geo-tagged Mobile Photo Sharing in Collaborative Emergency Management”, Visual Information Communication - International Symposium (VINCI’11).


MobiSNA is an innovative mobile video social networking application where users socially share video(s) through a mobile phone interface.

Website with Demo (Adobe Flash needed for demo)

Techniques and languages used: ActionScript, Java, MySQL


iSee is an integrated web and Second Life game environment to teach students appropriate technical and behavioral security mechanisms to be safe online.


Techniques and languages used: Second Life 3D modelling, Linden Scripting Language

Visualizing Meteorological Data

An interactive 3D visualization of meteorological data developed for a course project.

A screenshot of displaying multiple temperature layers:

A screenshot of displaying two temperature isosurfaces:

Techniques and languages used: Java 3D, Java component library of VisAD


Soundbox is an experimental course project of digital fabrication, creating 3D structures and shapes derived from sound wave data.

Techniques and languages used: RhinoScripts, 3D printing, Laser cutting


An embedded system of multi-rate speech vocoder is designed and implemented using TI TMS320VC5510A DSP integrating with TI MSP430F149 MCU.

Techniques and languages used: C/C++ and assembly language mixed programming, PCB Design

Yan, X., Li, L., and Cui, H. (2008) “Design and Implement of Multi-rate Speech Vocoder on TI C55x DSP series Hardware Platform”, Journal of Control and Automation, vol24, 2 (in Chinese).



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