D-Level Analyzer

Xiaofei Lu


D-Level Analyzer is an automatic syntactic complexity analyzer based on the revised Developmental Level scale (Rosenberg & Abbeduto 1987; Covington et al. 2006). This analyzer assigns each sentence in an input text to one of eight increasinly complex developmental levels, tallies the number of sentences at each level, and calculates the average level of the sentences. This software is an implementation of the system described in:

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To use the analyzer, the user needs to first tag a raw text using a part-of-speech tagger that follows the Penn Treebank tagging scheme and then parse the text using model 2 of Collins' parser. The analyzer is implemented in python and runs on UNIX-like systems (Unix, LINUX, and Mac OS X) with emacs and python 2.5 or higher installed. The analyzer takes as input the output of Collins' parser (using model 2) and generates an output that summarizes the developmental levels of the sentences in the input file(s). The analyzer references the regularized version of NOMLEX (Macleod et al. 1998) for nominalization recognition, which should be installed in the same directory as the analyzer.