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Eberly College of Science Career & International Education

108 Whitmore Laboratory

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA  16802

Ph:    +1 814.865.5000

The 3rd PSU-PKU Undergraduate Summer Program

July 15 -- August 11, 2010.

Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA.

The objective is to provide the opportunity for the undergraduate students, from both Peking University, and Penn State, to take summer courses. In addition, the students will interact with faculty members from both university and get involved in their research projects. 


Prof. Jinchao Xu and Xiantao Li (Penn State)

Prof. Zhiping Li and Jun Hu (Peking University)


Eberly College of Science, Penn State

Department of Mathematics, Penn State

College of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University

Program Activities

  1. Bullet A summer course on numerical methods for differential equations

  2. Bullet Summer research

  3. Bullet Culture activities

  4. Bullet Seminars