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IST Related Photos on Flickr

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Creating a Flickr account was a lot easier than I thought. Mostly because of the fact that I already have a Yahoo! account to be used to log in for Flickr. And that was pretty much all I needed to have and do. The next part was just personalization of my Flickr account information and choosing my custom Flickr URL, which is something nice since I didn't have to use my Yahoo! account as part of my Flickr URL. So here is my Flickr account.

Flickr has a step by step thing on how to get started and I simply followed it, and after I entered the above information, I went to uploading my first images/photos. It was nice and neat, and not to mention, fast and organized. I was able to upload most of my images in bulk and it only took maybe a minute to finish uploading. Then I went ahead to giving them titles, descriptions and tags, which wasn't that much of a hard thing to do. I also did a little exploring around to check out other pictures of IST related pictures and found out that I had similar photos as others do. Then I decided to put all the pictures into a set so it'll be a little more organized. And after that, I rotated some pictures if they were at other angles. Here, I encountered a little bit of problem; I first thought that the picture became corrupted when I rotated the picture using Flickr, because it said "This photo is currently unavailable". But then it somehow became available again once I went to another page and came back. What's neat about the rotating part of this site is that I was able to rotate as many pictures as I wanted in a bulk, so I didn't have to do each individually, which saved A LOT of time.

So I must admit, I'm not much of a photographer, so the photos might seem a bit strange. But I'll go on to explain why I took those pictures, their title, description and tags.

Our assignment was to take photos of what we think is IST related, and I did exactly that. First, I took pictures of the IST building (from the outside), and the inside of the IST building to show how it looks like. That would be the most obvious thing to do for an IST themed gallery. The titles given to these are based on where I took the pictures, so if it was in the hallway, it would be titled "hallway". The tags are used based on the location and where I was, and people looking at it can familiarize themselves with it. Then I went on to take photos of some things that aren't so obvious. For example, the action of scanning into the one of the rooms in IST, which I believe only IST students can scan into. It was titled "Security", because of its purpose. While taking the photo, I couldn't help but ask myself many questions. One such question was if my information was recorded when I scanned and if it records the time I scanned in. Or maybe the only thing is, is a lock for a door. I choose the tags based on what it is and what it does, so people seeing the picture would have an idea of what it actually is, and what I was actually doing. I was scanning into the Mac room on the first floor, which is the place I usually go to use the computer or to print something out. I then, took a picture of the Mac computer, while I was surfing Flickr to find ideas. The Macs are very useful and the room is almost never full, since it is locked unless someone from IST scans in. The next thing that popped up to mind was to take a picture of the course description and professor contact information. Since this class is IST110H, it definitely is related to IST. Anyone looking up ist110h would find the information on that class. Another important photo I took was on the lectures coming up that was on the bulletin board outside of the IST110H class. Although it is a bit hard to actually read it, a person can tell IST has a lot of speakers who are willing to teach us things we don't really think about or know. And that there are many opportunities to get to know a subject through the lectures. Of course, the tags are based on what it is and where it was. I also took pictures of the locations of the IST building and the locations of different places within the IST building so a person can easily find where it is. The tags are based on what it's about, for example if it was on the map within IST, it was logically to put floors as part of the tag because the map separated the building by floors. The rest of the photos (photos on C++) I believe is crucial to this gallery. Since I am an IST major, it was required for me to take the cmpsc101 class, and I took some photos while I was in the class doing some programming. I took two pictures of that, one is a simple program and the other was a more complex one. These two pictures are important because people can know what kind of classes an IST major have to take. I tagged the photos with the course name, and what it was (programming/c++). 

All of these pictures combined would give a person a broad view of IST. A person would have some idea of its location, environment, security, and even courses and opportunities. 

About the Flickr site, I believe the tagging system isn't as good as I would want it to be. When i did some searching around for photos, I found a lot of photos that had little to nothing to do with what I was searching for. I guess this is what happens with user generated tags, and everyone thinks differently. What one person tags can make no sense to another person. I guess it does make it easier to gather all the photos from everyone with a search, and it's much easier than browsing through every photo looking for what you want. People can also take pictures from other sites and even comment on them, and Flickr even has the function of looking for friends, so they can see your photos and comment on them. 

Video Sharing Sites

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Video sharing sites are of abundance on the web. Some are just more used than others, and certain video sharing sites are more used for a certain type of videos--such as comical videos or sports..or videos that are used for general enjoyment. Many, if not, all videos on most of these video sharing sites are uploaded either by the users or taken from another website. From what I have seen in all the video sharing sites, the success of these sites is based on the number of viewers they have and the number of active members who are willing to upload videos for others to see. Little have I seen video clips that are uploaded by only the owner or the creator of the websites. The three video sharing sites I've decided to discuss and analyze are:
1. Google Video

These are video sharing sites I have used in the past or sites I am still using. I use video sharing sites extensively for my own enjoyment and for news. Since there are many video sharing sites available, TV has become something I use little of, because everything can be found on the net, either legally or illegally. From what I have seen from these three video sharing sites, most of the videos are contributed by the users, but there's a special case for Google Videos.

Google Video is a special case because most of the videos are from other sites, meaning google looks for videos from other video sharing sites and either show it on Google or link you to the video it found. I have found only a small amount of videos from Google itself. Many of the videos I find on Google Video are from other video sharing sites. What Google is doing is basically to compile all the videos from all the sites on the web to Google, so that you don't have to search through all the video sharing sites to look for the video you want to watch. That is a very useful tool, but sometimes there are too many junk videos and you'd have to browse through all of them and it can become tedious. A person with a google account is able to upload videos onto the site. The file size is limited to 100mb, but the member can go over that amount by using desktop uploader, which is a feature that google provides. There are no advertisements on Google Video, which is great because it's not so bothersome. When a person searches for a video, Google will find related videos and suggest other videos for the person to search for. The social networks aren't that strong on Google Video; it took me a few minutes to just figure out the the who uploaded the video and the place to comment on the video. It's not readily there for a person to see. One good thing I like about Google Video is that you can download the video easily straight from the site. Anyone can comment on the videos, it doesn't have to be a person who has a google account. It is hard to say what type of users actually uses Google Video, because first, there aren't many videos from google itself, and it's hard to figure out who uploaded the video. The user retain the copyright and any other rights on the things that the user submits to Google, but Google has the right to duplicate, share, and modify the content.

Now on to YouTube, probably the most used video sharing site as of right now. Unlike Google Video, all the videos from youtube are within the youtube site itself. The users upload all the videos to youtube. YouTube's concentration is on sharing videos to anyone who wishes to share and view the videos. Some of the features they provide are: subscriptions, favorites, groups, friends, subscribers...and many more! This shows that YouTube has one strong social network. People can communicate easily by posting messages to the user's Channel. Users can become friends and exchange information and YouTube also has a Vlog where a person can express his/herself through videos. There is little amount of advertisement on YouTube. And a lot of these advertisements are videos, so the user chooses to view the advertisement. Other advertisements take up little space on the page and is hard to notice. I've watched some youtube videos and saw that people actually got together to act or perform when they found that they had something in common. So there is definitely a strong social network here. Users can suggest videos from another user and they could all become friends and work on videos for the viewers to watch. There are many types of users on this video sharing site. A lot of the users criticizes the videos made by others, and then there are those that become extremely well known for the videos that they make. These videos ranges from tips and advice to comedy or parody. There is definitely a diverse group of users. There are those that uploads videos, and then there are those the only watches videos and contribute little to none to YouTube. When a person uploads a file, he/she is only limited to 10 minutes or 1024 mb. Many times, people split up the video and upload several videos. YouTube states:
"Do not upload any TV shows, music videos, music concerts, or commercials without permission unless they consist entirely of content you created yourself."
"By clicking "Upload Video," you are representing that this video does not violate YouTube's Terms of Use and that you own all copyrights in this video or have express permission from all copyright owners to upload it. Remember that your use of this uploader is also governed by our Terms of Use."
YouTube is pretty strict on video uploading because these two statements weren't too hard to find. They were on the same page where a person can upload multiple videos. Youtube also states that any third party links that is on the youtube website is not youtube's responsibility and the person who posted the link is to take any fault. YouTube does not own the videos uploaded by the users because it'd get them into too much trouble, so Youtube left it to the users. The site stresses on the fact that the user owns the video he/she uploads and he/she is to take any responsibilities for them. A person's account can be terminated if he or she uploads "pornography, obscene or defamatory material, or excessive length." 

Finally, Ebaum's world. This is a video sharing sites that has not only videos but games, galleries, blogs and jokes as well. Ebaum's world has features where users can interact easily. It even has tournaments and contests with many awards and gifts. Videos, games, and galleries can be accessed without logging in. The videos are separated into groups : Hilarious, animation, extreme, cool, stand-up, and music videos. A person can easily access videos from any of those categories. Browsing through the site, it seems like this site is filled with comical videos and photos; in other words, a place to get a good laugh. A lot of the games and videos are uploaded by the user "ebaum" which I suspect is either the creator or a person that works for the website. Ebaum's world also buys work from the users. Ebaum would pay for an user's work if Ebaum likes it. Ebaum also asks for the users' permission before adding the users' items onto the site. I see that as a risky move, because it would cost a lot of money to buy all these contents, but then again, this way ebaum actually owns it and they would have to approve of the content first. There would be no problems with taking others' work and copyrighting because ebaum rightfully owns the contents. But whats funny is that on the terms of use page (which took me some time to actually find), it stated that ebaum's world has the right to distributed and do anything to the things the users upload without payment to the user from permission from the user. I believe they do not pay users for their contents majority of the times, but only show those that they've paid to make people think they're different than other video sharing websites, and that they are more friendly. Again, like the previous two sites, the user who uploads the file retain the ownership of the contents. The terms of use states that the person either must not be a minor or has the consent from the parents to join ebaum's world. The users cannot upload any content that is copyrighted by others without their exclusive permission, and the user is to take full responsibility for any copyrighted materials uploaded on ebaum's world. Out of the three sites I've chosen, ebaum's world has the most advertisements. It takes up a lot of space and is quite visible as well, so I guess they are just trying to make money off of these ads more than YouTube and Google, or they just need more money those the other two sites. Another thing that is different in this site is that it has a points system, where the more a person contribute to Ebaum's world, and the more active the person is, the more points the person will accumulate. These points eventually makes your rank go up and the person can use these points to get prizes from ebaum's world, but the points earned a day is limited depending on what you upload and play. It is said in the forum that there IS a limit to the file size of the contents you are submitting, but nowhere do I see the actual amount the file must be limited to. I would assume that it wouldn't tell you until you actually try to upload a file that is bigger than the limited size. And in addition, I had to create an account to be able to visit and research most of the stuff on the site. The social networks on this site is fairly strong as well. It lets the users comment on each others' contents and there is also groups and forums to enhance social networking. There is also a LiveChat option. People can meet each other and share each others' works.

Overall, these sites have one thing in common: the contents uploaded by the users are the users' responsibilities and the website doesn't have anything to do with it. This prevents them from getting into too much trouble with copyrighting materials. While YouTube is used for every type of videos and it's pretty balanced, Ebaum's world has a concentration on jokes and comedies. And Google just has everything, from their own members and from other sites. It's interesting to see the differences and similarities in all of these video sharing sites. And sometimes it makes me wonder how they actually generate enough money to support such a big website with just a few ads here and there. Well, it doesn't make much difference to me..as long as they are free for me to access.

How real is guitar hero?

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So I got a little bored and started looking around to read about games on cnn, and I came across an article on Guitar Hero. A lot of questions came to mind before I even read the article! Like if a person can become a good guitar player if he/she masters this game...and with Guitar Hero World Tour coming out in a couple of days, people can play together as a band. That means there will be a drummer, a vocalist and a guitarist! Although I have never tried to play the game, I'm pretty sure it is somewhat CLOSE to how it is with the real instrument. In the article, an interview was conducted, and the maker said that the drums can sense how hard and light a person hits it and then the sound will be based on the strength a person puts into it. To me, that is pretty close to how the real drum works, the harder you hit it, the louder it is. It makes me wonder if a person can become a professional in the real instruments just by playing Guitar Hero alone. The new Guitar Hero game has the feature for a person or persons to create their own songs..which I find is a smart idea. And what if a lot of people like a song someone created? Will music companies start looking for artists on Guitar Hero? That would be...somewhat crazy and hard to imagine, but knowing where technology stands now, it would probably happen soon (or has it already begun?). Guitar_Hero_World_Tour.jpg
I've always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Maybe I should start playing this game and learn! I might even become a professional too...well..maybe not.


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I came across this article on BBC NEWS. It's basically about why games are good for us. Even though games are looked at as something just for fun and to waste time, it could actually enhance visual and attentional skills.

" Although video game playing may seem to be rather mindless, it is capable of radically altering visual attentional processing"


There has been researches where they spotted that gamers are better at detecting details than non-gamers. Researchers Shawn Green and Daphne Bavelier did research on gamers and found that they are better at basic visual skills such as detecting details. "

"Video game playing enhances the capacity of visual attention and its spatial distribution"

Another test was players were asked to play either Tetris or Medal of Honor for one hour each day for 10 days. It was found that Medal of honor players improved their visual and attentional skill, while Tetris players had none of little change in their skills.
If a person is forced to multitask and do complex things in a video game, he/she is more bound in improving their visual skills. Games like Tetris do not require much visual skills, so the person wouldn't be able to use the most of their visual skills in the game. So then I guess it depends on the games we play; more strategic games can help our mind.

And my parents thought all games are just a waste of time! Maybe I should bring this up the next time they tell me that.

Many of us use Facebook...intensively. And for those who do use Facebook a lot, you know that Facebook has infinite amount of applications. These applications can be on almost anything from games to about candies.

I have actually tried some of these applications, and ended up deleting the bulk of them. Now, I just ignore people's invites so my page wont be filled with a million applications.

So one of the application I use a lot is called "Battle Stations". And yes, it IS a game. Basically, you are a captain of a ship and you explore to gain gold and fight to gain experience. The process repeats and you'll eventually level up and be able to upgrade your ship and become stronger. This game, like many others, will help a person playing it get to know other players. As a newbie, the player would naturally have a lot of questions, and the Discussion board or the forum provides the newbie with tips and answers. If a player visits the discussion board enough times, people will remember the player and start to have casual chats, which happens in Battle Stations. There are always those "regulars" who know each other through the discussion board and "friended" each other to help each other out. This serves as a way to make new friends. As a person levels higher and higher, he/she will eventually join a Clan. Through this Clan system, the person will be involved in coordinated attacks and Clan wars. This helps the player make even more friends in the game and help the player experience team work. This application can even enhance old friendships as well. Two people can play the game together [it is always more fun to play with someone rather than to play by yourself and exploring everything on your own] and they could talk about this game and help each other out. This way there will be more communication between the two friends and eventually enhance their friendship with the game. This game promotes the use of friends. The more players you recruit to the game, the more functions you will have and "Action Points" you will obtain. The more recruits you have on your deck, the more options will be available to you and the more gold you will be able to make.
On the other hand, this game could cause some trouble between friends and even create enemies. I've seen many people who hate each other on the discussion board. Many of these players are very competitive and they all want to be better than another. When a person is attacked by another person, the victim would want revenge and even send hateful messages to the attacker. The Clan leaders would sometimes try to attack each other during their downtimes to wipe out the enemy's fortress and it sometimes causes meaningless fights and arguments. This applies to existing friendships as well. Two players can be from different clans and they would want to compete with each other and be mean to each other, but then all of this depends on the person playing it.
The second application I explored is, yet, another game. It is called Guess The Sketch Challenge. Although this is another game, it functions in a totally different way. This basically lets any facebook users that have this application installed to play together. It is more or less like Pictionary. The way it creates new friendships is that a person usually joins a table where  he/she knows someone on the table that played with him/her before. Then there are these tables where the same people always come to play, and these are people who have never met each other before, meaning they met through playing a round, or several rounds together. 
 Unlike Battles Stations, this game does not have such sophisticated features. There is also a ranking for who has the highest points received, and people tend to try to beat all their friends. In order to show their drawing and guessing skills in this game to their friends, the friends would gather up in one table and play together to see who is the best. This serves as a way to enhance friendships for the most part  because friends are actually spending time together to play and have fun. This game usually ends up being comical either because a person can't draw or someone takes the wildest guesses. When I played it, I usually get a laugh or two out of it. If I play this game enough, I will be sure to bump into people who I've played with before, and friendships can start from a simple "Didn't I played with you before?"

Although the players can talk during the game, it is hard to carry on a conversation since the game is ongoing and doesn't have a "lobby" or anything for players to chat. That is the weakness in this application. It is harder in this game to chat with other players so creating new friends through this application is harder. And if the players do become friends, I don't believe the friendship will become too strong because all they have in common is that they play the game together several times before. And probably all they're going to do in the future is play the game together again. Although every application has a Discussion board, I find not many players are using it to actually make new friends, but rather to report bugs and ask for help. People are advertising on the discussion board as well. But this game is able to enhance existing relationships well. Anyone can play this game and have fun. Although there is a ranking, this application doesn't stress on the score but rather to give players a chance to have fun and show off their drawing and guessing skills.
bumper sticker.gif
The third application I explored is called Bumper Sticker. That's right, an application on stickers! And now you ask how this has anything to do with this assignment. Even bumper stickers can enhance your friendship, believe it or not! Basically people create bumper stickers and upload them for everyone to use. So there are probably thousands of bumper stickers available now. It is a way for a person to show creativity. I see this application as a way to enhance existing relationships rather than anything else. It is hard to find a new friend in this application, although it is very possible to do so. One such way is when a VERY creative person creates a bunch of bumper stickers and many people like them, then people will start talking to the creator and request stickers to be made. Depending on the people, they could become good friends, and thus a new relationship is created. But that is not very likely to happen. But anyway, back to how it can enhance existing relationships. The purpose of this application is to send and receive bumper stickers and have a collection of them. What people usually do is send bumper stickers that have some kind of meaning to the receiver. It is a good way for people to joke around and have fun by sending stickers back and forth, I guess you can call it a "Bumper Sticker War". Some of my friends send bumper stickers to compliment each other, or to talk about an inside joke. This application just serves as another way for friends to have something to do together. Some friends even get together to make bumper stickers together and hope to get it featured.

This application totally lacks a way to communicate [although the captions on the bumper stickers DO say things]. I took a look at the discussion board, and majority of it is about problems people are having with the application and asking how to solve it. There were complaints too, and no one really chat on there. One dangerous way to use this application is to make a bumper sticker that offends one or more of your friends. Yes, it can enhance relationships, but it can destroy relationships as well..just by creating a bumper sticker that shouldn't have been created. But then again, it all depend on the users and their reaction to that.

So all in all, these facebook applications can both help enhance and create friendships, and it can also cause problems. The users are the most important in determining which one it is. These applications are ways to attract more users to Facebook, the users of Facebook can personalize their page with these applications. And now ends my journey of exploring applications of which I will probably spend much time on!


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Hmmm, interesting movie, don't you think? It was my second time watching it this weekend and I enjoyed the as much as I did the first time. This makes me wonder if something like that will happen to US. Quite interesting if you think about it. We have all these technologies and they're making our life MUCH more easier. Instead of going to libraries, we can just go online and search up everything and anything we'd like to know about. Instead of walking to places, we can drive to places. Saves time doesn't it? But then again, we're becoming that much more lazy! What if sometime in the future, a robot is created to do everything for us? Will we become a couch potato? Maybe, maybe not (probably not...hopefully not). And traveling beyond the stars? That just might be possible in my lifetime. With all the pollution and corruption, it's just a matter of time before Earth is incapable of having the ability to have living things. And when man is pushed to the edge, he will surely do what it takes to do the impossible, even if it means to travel  around the galaxy because of the polluted Earth. 

I think this movie is trying to say that people are needing the leisure of technologies and so much depended on that, that we aren't thinking of how we'd survive without them. In the movie, the humans were living in a place where they are cared for and everything done for them...they are like big babies being taken cared of by the advanced technology that was created to save them from the polluted Earth. Technology has the power to distance ourselves from others and we shouldn't let that happen. We should not be so depended on technology.

And with that said, I love those giant babies.
wall-e captain.jpg

Social. Networking. Sites.

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After doing the research for the assignment, I realized how much time I have spent on social networking sites. I have actually used a blog before, and it was actually my first social networking site. Xanga is what it's called. I must have joined it 7 years ago. I used it for ranting about school and my troubles. It was actually very similar to this blog, but I believe it was easier to use and has a lot more features. But then everyone suddenly drifted to the "new" thing, called Myspace, and of course, I soon followed since barely anyone had Xanga anymore, and it was no fun to post about events throughout my day and have no one to read them...which was the sole purpose of me putting up entries. And then I stayed with Myspace for a few years and moved to Facebook, the new and wonderful thing. By now, everyone should know the power of Facebook and its uses. I still enjoy using it very much, and it beats Xanga and Myspace by many folds.

The reason is that for one, Xanga HAD a feature where someone could check who's been on his/her page and how many times..just by checking the logs. That was very discouragin as I mentioned in my previous entry. Myspace had a tracking system as well that could be imported from another site, but I believe it was taken care of, but it seemed to me like it was more of a contest for popularity than anything else. People had thousands and millions of friends...90% of who they do not know. But I did enjoy it while I was with it.

Throughout my journey on social networking sites, I've made quite the number of friends from all around the country, many of who are from California (I don't know how that came about). I didn't really think about this, but I've started networking ever since I was around 13 years old. Some of those I met through these sites I still talk to and stay in contact with. Social networking is really something.


The Facebook Project

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The Facebook Project is basically a collaborative research to help the users use Facebook. It's a place where students, researchers, librarians, and enthusiasts who are all interested in Facebook to come together to combine their ideas on using this powerful tool. This serves as a resource for people. People that are part of The Facebook Project comes from areas of "anthropology, sociology, library and information science, human-computer interactions, psychology, and many more". The contributors all share their own area of study and they all join together to share their ideas of the uses of Facebook. Researches and Surveys were conducted. Some of these varies from the number of times an average person goes on Facebook to the number of users are joining Facebook.

The first article I read is called The Fakebook Generation. This article is written by Alice Mathias, New York Times. This talks about how people are not taking Facebook very seriously and making fake facebook accounts and humurous information on their accounts. She compares Facebook to a theater--an online community theater. The costumes are how people edit their page and update their page. Every person has an unique way of showing who he/she is. The lines are delivered by the comments that the users make and the pictures that the users put up. It is a community where people build their page, change their style and network with each other. She says that "It's all comedy" because there are those who take Facebook as a joke and put their relationship status as "with Chinese Food" and that account would have a profile picture of a carry-out box. Although Facebook admins are trying their best to deleted these kinds of accounts and make it a more serious social networking site, they are always popping up. Later the article talks about "Facebook Stalking" where one person goes on another's page and looks at every photo and comments the person has. It talks about if our privacy of facebook stalking is jeopardized then Facebook will go downhill. No one wants the person he/she is stalking to know. She also says that Facebook is a form of escapism, and as more adults are using Facebook, the young may follow them and use Facebook more seriously.

I find this article to be amusing. First of all, I totally agree with her theory of "Facebook Stalking". I, myself, have Facebook stalked a lot of people, and if I were to be found out, I would be discouraged from visiting others' pages. It is just that feeling of being watched and I don't think anyone wants that. This article is obviously biased in that it only talks about the perspective from the youth's point of view. She only mentioned a few times about the adults. It's true that some people take Facebook as a joke, but there are way too many that take it more seriously. I believe the author made the smaller factors or flaws in Facebook and made it big. It's not "all comedy". There are many who use Facebook seriously, either as a way of communication or a way of networking, or even job searching. The users probably did have a social networking site to know about this stalking and its potential to jeopardize the networking sites.

The second article I read is called The International Realm of Facebook. This paper mainly talked about the helpfulness of groups in Facebook. It serves to raise awareness to the problems overlooked by the youths. One such example the author used is the group called "For Every 1,000 That Join This Group, I Will Donate $1 For Darfur". Its goal is to raise awareness for the trouble in Darfur and for the youths to raise money for donation. 400,000 Faces is another site that has the similar goal. Basically it's talking about the use of the groups function on Facebook to connect everyone around the world who shares the same interests, in this case the interest to help people in Darfur. This powerful tool serves as a way to combine the knowledge and ideas of people and think of solutions. It is able to connect people from around the world. Other uses of groups are for interaction between different nations. One such one is "Arab and Arab-American Students Organization--North America", where the students are "seeking the role of critical and strategic mediators between American society and Arab-American communities". This article also talks about the spread of Facebook throughout the world, and its uses such as communicating and sharing photos with family and friends hundreds and thousands of miles away.

This article did a very good job on describing the goods that come from Facebook groups. It was very informative on how a person can get active and help people from around the world. One thing that it lacks is the bad parts of the groups. Not all groups are real and have good intentions. There are also sites that try to steal your money and time. There are also groups that serves no purpose at all. People would have to be smart in which group to join. This person concentrates on the way Facebook groups benefit others, and I believe she should have touched more on other ways of how Facebook can help interaction between people in different nations, or other ways to raise awareness, such as making ads to be posted on Facebook where everyone can see and join. A better way to improve this article would be to compare how much awareness Facebook groups raise to another way of raising awareness such as hosting events in the community, and how powerful the groups can be. The members of the groups come from all different parts of the world, but has similar interests and goals, and something big can come out of that with the right people.

After reading these two articles and the Facebook Project, I realized how powerful Facebook really is. I already know about many of the uses of Facebook, but never really thought about them, and how much it can do. With its amount of users and the growth of Facebook, who knows what will happen next.