Wei Luo


I am a Ph.D. ABD in Geography Department at Penn State University and a research assistant in the GeoVISTA Center with my advisor Dr. Alan M.Maceachren. Since the college year, my interests are always on GIScience. My Ph.D research area is framed within a new interdisciplinary field: geovisual analytics. Specifically, my research focuses on developing new geo-social visual analytical methods that combine geovisualization and visual analytics with spatial analysis, social analysis, and epidemic models to take advantage of human intuition,  decision-making ability and computational power with such traditional methods to facilitate, and enable insight gaining process, as well as aid decision-making in related applications. More information can be found in my CV or by sending me an email.

Recent Activity:
  • 08/07/12  Received an NSF Award to present a poster in CyberGIS'12.
  • 05/30/12 Presented a lightning talk: The Integration of Geography and Social Network Contexts. In UCGIS 2012 Symposium
  • 04/27/12  Received 1st place, E. Willard Miller Award Paper Competition, Department of Geography
  • 03/31/12  Attended No Boundaries Conference as A Panel Discussant
  • 03/25/12  Attended  Graduate Exhibition
  • 11/16/11  Passed Ph.D Comprehensive Exam
  • 10/06/11  GeoSocialApp website launched.
  • 10/05/11  Received an NSF Travel Grant to attend ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS 2011.
  • 09/22/11 Received an Academic Enrichment Award from The Ruby S.Miller Endowment Fund in Geography.
  • 08/27/11 Wei Luo, et al: ACM LBSN Workshop: Spatial-Social Network Visualization for Exploratory Data Analysis http://t.co/IKNtlca
  • 04/19/11 passed my proposal defense.  
  • 03/15/11 Ph.D committee has been decided.  
  • 02/03/11 posted on the White House Website by chance.
  • 11/29/10 passed my candidacy exam.