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Last night I saw the first lighting bugs of the season, and it reminded me of this.


Feel it creeping
practiced at the art of stealth 
subtly sinking into the system
bouying your senses
afloat in the mind's jetsam
ethereally matched music encourages pursuit
till you are in full stride
on the virge of running
down the garden's path
so eager to absorb the dusk
each firefly a new thought
a new branch to explore
until you halt 
and realize the field's awash in their faint glow
you try to tap into their network all at once
but settle on chasing just one
till he lands on you
and the green, flashing flourescent light
illuminates like no other 
giving new perspective
and clarity
to a subject you know like the back of your hand

The Play

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Greatness. Tragedy. Kindness. Cruelty. Drive. Contentment. Love. Hate.

)-( | )-( | )-( | )-( | )-( | )-( | )-( | )-( | )-( | )-( | )-( | )-( | )-( | )-( | )-( | )-( | )-( | )-( | )-(

we're on our own missions
we have our own goals
we climb our own mountains
define our own roles

we act out our stageplay
we know all our lines
the end of the mystery
asleep in our minds

the story unravels
day in and day out
cast enter and exit
though always enroute
to make their own curtain
of that never doubt


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A friend commented on the cold dreariness of the day and wondered what magic could come of such a day....

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There was a light rain
the kind of rain where,
if you stood outside,
face up,
mouth open,
you'd only get a drop on your tongue
once every 30 seconds.
We'd drank all the whisky the night before.
Finished the beer tonight,
and killed the champange
that we were saving
for a special moment.
The flickering flame of the oil lamp
provided needed atmosphere;
and I watched her...
to and fro,
reclining on the porch swing,
marveling at my head-strong,
incredibly beautiful,


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Amazingly powerful, just think how words are used: as support, as teachers, as weapons, as renderings, as a flow of thought... How do I get what's in my mind to your mind. A fairly useful invention, words.

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They roll off the tongue
pass from ear to ear
they roll off the presses 
pass before ten million eyes
they scream thru the modem
nearly the speed of light
they cause wars
heal wounds
shape minds
and dictate policy
strong as steel
light as fog
a thundering Niagra
gentle as her mist
preserved, passed down
relaying the story of life
to all who care to listen
revealing the past
foretelling the future
exposing injustices
twisted to fit one's circumstance
harnessing will to action
transforming thought to deed
belief to creed
yet constant as the dawn
yielding anger
as easily as "Top 'o the mornin' to ya"
the architect of civilization
waiting to be used to save it

Feast or Famine

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I didn't know I would touch on business acumen in my ramblings, but there it is. In reality, the theme isn't restricted to business. It can just as easily pertain to everyday living, coaching sports, directing a play. Peaks and valleys. Craziness vs boredom. So I submit for your approval...

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Nov. 15, 2000 

it's just a weird life
it happens all at once
or it drags on forever
feast or famine
you manage the spikes
but plan on the average

however, be keen to the spikes
they take you into unkown realms
uncharted territory
which require creative solutions
and thus lead the industry
vanguard enterprizes, inc.

then take a step back
and instead of being driven by the crisis
employ your downtime
use it to build a forge
and pour a cast
based on the knowledge
that contemplation partnered w/ gut instinct
is the Rainbow Bridge

and it's our job to merge the best of both worlds

The beginning

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I went on a writing spree back in the wee hours of the new millennium. Literally. This is the first piece I wrote: 2:40 AM, New Year's Day, 2000. I thought it'd be cool if the first email a bunch of friends/family received in the new millennium was from me. Started as an email but transmogrified into something else...


Transmission: 57.007M4R03.aa333
 Date: 01-01-00
 Time: 07:40:37 GMT

 The new Millenium just swept across the planet.
 A shadow.... an aberration of light.
 Sped past doing 1,000 mph.

 I am talking to you from the year 2000.
 It's amazing here.
 We communicate via a glance.
 Music occupies you. Permeates like smoke.
 Myopic drudgery crumbles.
 We start receiving.
 Messages are discussed.
 Meanings reached by consensus.
 Polled to verify projections.
 Retooled to new specs.
 (Beer still tastes good.)
 Time measured in billionths of seconds.
 It all equals out.
 It all connects.
 Folds back on itself.
 Remembers summer.
 Gets lazy and just bakes in the sun.........

 Cya in a thousand years....

 Happy New Year

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