Wade Shumaker

Phone/e-mail: 814-865-7719;


Present Position


3D Visualization Specialist

Center for Network-Centric Cognition and Information Fusion

College of Information Sciences and Technology

Pennsylvania State University


Summary of Experience


1990 - 2005         Accu-Weather, Inc.     State College, Pa.

Television Graphics Creative Supervisor           

-              Extensive video production experience focusing on 3D animation for television broadcast

-              Software quality control for AccuWeather Galileo graphics system and Metaphor Ultra

-              Managed projects of various video mediums: SD/HD broadcast, DVDs, examples of on-air meteorologists, wireless, etc.

-              Designed, developed and deployed AccuWeather's most successful TV broadcast workstation that meteorologists use for broadcast weather shows

-              Created imagery and high resolution 3d terrain for weather shows as seen on MSNBC, KNBC Los Angeles, WKMG Orlando, etc.

-              Live television broadcasts including satellite hookup, control room operations, camera operation, etc.

-              Researched systems for creating animations for television news weather shows. Acquired extensive knowledge of all aspects of animation on various platforms.


1984-1990           Accu-Weather, Inc.     State College, Pa.

Graphic Artist

-              First artist given full-time development position, first satellite image processing artist, first newspaper artist

-              Deadline oriented daily production of many television and newspaper weather related products. Products included satellite imagery, broadcast weather maps, ready-for-camera newspaper weather pages and layout of high school educational weather modules.



Pennsylvania State University: Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering


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