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A couple years ago, my coworkers & I started looking at visualizing & sonifying large data sets. One such readily accessible dataset was IST's weblogs which contain IP info of visitors to IST's webpages. My thought was to break the IP addresses into their 4 octets and use the first 3 as x, y & z locators and the fourth octet as a size parameter for objects. Then use a dark-to-light color scheme to depict the number of pageviews each unique IP visited: dark colors represent a visitor that only visited a few pages while the lighter colors represent IPs that visited dozens and dozens of pages during the 24 hr period.

I initially did this in 3ds Max's scripting language to create the objects/squares which I then exported and brought into our CAVE's immersive 3d environment. I recently started working w/ Processing and recreated this project to allow an analyst to interact w/ this data in a web browser. See below how to filter the data set. 


24hrs of visitor IPs from weblog file.

"s" key = rotate (based on mouse vertical location)

Click mouse to toggle perspective vs. orthographic views

To filter data:
- hold down "x" key to filter X axis
- position mouse in Set Range box (start w/ a low setting)
- position mouse in Set IP box

Other keys for filtering process:
- "y" key for Y axis
- "z" key for Z axis
- "b" key for size of square
- "c" key for color of square

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