Easy PeasyCam Rocks

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Re: previous 2 posts.....

I was unhappy w/ the way my filter-controls moved when navigating thru my 3d scene, rendering them unusable. So I posted a question on Processing's forum. A reply pointed me towards Johnathan Feinberg's PeasyCam. I had just started playing w/ PeasyCam last wk, so I had already dl'ed & installed but didn't know how robust this library was.

 I don't know Johnathan, but anyone who creates software to find accidental haiku in code (haikufinder), has appeared on Letterman & Leno AND creates something as cool as PeasyCam, well.... that, my friends, is a full on rock star. Thanks Johnathan.

When u run this latest version, note how the filter boxes at the bottom stay put and are usable while u navigate around the scene. This was done by wrapping code w/ the beginHUD() & endHUD() methods. Also note how the controls have changed (see below) since some of the previous functionality is built into PeasyCam


Left-click and drag to rotate scene.
Right-click and drag vertically to move thru scene OR use mouse wheel.
Middle-mouse click and drag to pan scene (command-left drag on Mac).
Double-click to reset cam position.

Hold down "p" key to toggle perspective vs. orthographic views

To filter data:
- hold down "x" key to filter X axis
- position mouse in Set Range box (start w/ a low setting)
- position mouse in Set IP box

Other keys for filtering process:
- "y" key for Y axis
- "z" key for Z axis
- "s" key for size of square
- "c" key for color of square
- "b" key for background shade

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