709b is a polyptych, a mulit-media cloud-based project taking the viewer on a virtual video voyeur voyage. 709b explores current states of identity, place, private and public expressions of daily life, untangling our culture's conflation of the mask with the map and, in turn, the map with the thing mapped.

Originally created as two synchronized loops, the footage has been de-concatenated into a multiple, asynchrous experience. In installation form, this occurs with a mobile device, the viewer scanning images bridged to cloud-based videos seen in any desired order alongside mesmerizing, looping video projected on a ground-based model of Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square. On this website, the spirit of the installation is invoked by simultaneously autorunning embeds... intended strictly for destop viewing. For mobile access, the original synched diptych is available.

709b features hypnotic guitar loops by Philly's Mike "Slo-Mo" Brenner, public domain found sound and recordings of so-called "number stations" purportedly used by state-based intelligence organizations for one-way, coded communication.

TangenT thanks Jennifer Schick and the amazing Zimmermans at InLiquid.com, Renae Dinerman at International House, Claudia Mezey, Beth Van Why at Design Philadelphia, Arielle Gottlieb at Parc Restaurant and Natashia Mtshali at Allan Domb Real Estate.
TangenT is:

William Cromar

Yvonne Love

Gabrielle Russomagno

©2012 TangenT art collaboratve
Guitar loops:

Mike "Slo-Mo" Brenner

Joel Richard Gori
public domain sounds:


number station recordings:

The Conet Project
Fire Juggler:

Sasha Tomato
709b uses screencaptures from:

Google Maps  and  Google Earth

TangenT affirms 709b is a transformative art work with respect to Google's copyrighted material under the Fair Use clause of U.S. copyright law. TangenT has no affiliation with Google.