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I joined the Army in 1984 as a slick sleeved private. The picture you see above was when I arrived at Fort Gordon (GA) for Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Army soldiers attend AIT immediately after basic training to learn their specific duties. I enlisted as a Combat Signaller (Military Occupational Skill 31K). It was here I learned to pull WD-1 (commo wire) through the woods, operate a PRC-77 radio, and communicate using the Signal Operating Instructions (SOI). I was taught how to operate and install the SB-22, TA-312 and TA-1. From here, I was sent to my first duty station at Fort Lewis (WA) where I was their sole communications soldier. I was assigned to Direct Support Battery, 1/4 Air Defense Artillery. Our Brigade was part of the I-Corps. Here I was promoted to Specialist (E4), spent quality time in Yakima and various other parts of the Pacific Northwest, and re-enlisted to change my MOS to Cryptographic Repairer (29F). It was also where my wife and I started our first home together!

Retired in 2004

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I retired from the Army in 2004; my last duty assignment with the Defense Intelligence Agency. I stayed on with DIA as a civilian contractor working with General Dynamics. In 2008 I decided I had enough of Washington D.C. and made the transition home to Pennsylvania. I'm currently working at Penn State as a Network Engineer. My wife (Gail) and I have been married for over 26 years and have two daughters.

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