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This is the TA-1 telephone set. While I was at Fort Lewis, we normally used these phones inside mobile supply vehicles and canvas tents set up for office use. WD-1 wire was strung from these phone sets and then tied down with either a tent stake or D ring to secure the wiring. From the user end, the wiring was strung to the Command Post (usually a centralized telecommunications vehicle). The "CP" had various patching capabilities on the outside of the truck that interconnected to the SB-22 switchboard inside. These phones were well suited for indoor use, but could be used outside when necessary.

Description of the TA-1

Description of the TA-1

The TA-1 telephone set is a sound-powered phone that has both a visual and an audible signal. It has a range of 6.4 km using WD-1 wire. Since the TA-1 uses a dynamic microphone element, it doesn't need batteries. Moisture preventing diaphragms are availble to prevent moisture from building up inside the phone set. It is typically stored in a water-proof plastic carrying case when not in use.

To install the TA-1 telephone:
* Strip away half an inch of insulation from each strand of the WD-1 wire line.
* Depress the spring-loaded line binding posts and insert one strand of the wire into each post.
* Adjust signal volume control knob to LOUD.
* Depress the generator lever several times to call the other operator and listen for buzzer sound.
* Turn the buzzer volume control knob until the wanted volume is obtained.
* Look at the visual (signal) indicator to see if it shows four white luminous markings.
* Depress the push-to-talk switch to reset the visual indicator. Once you depress this switch, the visual indicator is reset.

The Technical Manual used for the TA-1 is TM 11-5805-243-13

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