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Using podcasts with iPhone

Just read an email from Janda about a college's plans to use the iPhone for a internet/video tool. Got to thinking - what would be the best way to do this? YouTube (too public) or vodcast on iTunes U. If iTunes U is used, then students must sync their iPhone with their computer every morning to get the latest feeds. However, what if the point it to just use the iPhone alone.

Using my iPhone, I accessed the www.podcasts.psu.edu site, found the course that addresses Colony Collapse Disorder, and clicked on one of the podcasts. It loaded right up and everything worked fine in terms of sound. The still images that accompanied the podcast did not show. Tried the PHIL 083 course too - same thing - loaded and sound is fine, but images not showing. I assume that these are enhanced podcasts created with the software, Profcast, and for many courses, still images are needed to get the point across. Thus it appears that creating podcasts with Profcast might not be a good idea if they are being viewed on the iPhone - unless of course, there is some setting I need to find...will also need to download enhanced podcasts from iTunes and see what happens.


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What a great test. I hadn't done this yet! Please post this to the wiki and I hope you don't mind, but I will be linking this from my blog when I get a minute. Very cool!


Did you get podcast videos (m4a etc.) to play yet?

I was searching same issue for Faculty and found the following comment from http://www.modmyiphone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=672

"Because i noticed that videos will only play from the video list...it seems that for some reason video podcasts will only play under videos from iPods videos list."

Another resource same topic

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