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Welcome: The SRA minor -An important addition to the IST curriculum

Identity theft, natural disasters, and terrorism are the headline threats of our time. Now more than ever, problem solvers with broad skills and relevant experience are needed to meet these challenges head on.

Our SRA minor can help put you on the front line in confronting threats to our security, responding to emergencies, protecting vital information, and helping to create laws and policies that ensure personal privacy.

Today’s security challenges have no simple answers, so Penn State draws expertise from many fields to build this minor. Our program spans the fields of business, foreign cultures, information sciences and technology, languages, psychology, science, and statistics to cover every aspect you may need to succeed.

If  you have any questions or require additional information about the SRA or any of the IST programs offered at New Kensington, Please feel free to contact me via email at wds9@psu.edu