Gestation length and occurrence of daytime foaling

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Dicken M, Gee EK, Rogers CW, Mayhew IG, NZ Vet J. 2012 Jan;60(1):42-6. Gestation length and occurrence of daytime foaling of Standardbred mares on two stud farms in New Zealand 


This study delved into the relationship between different factors at the time of Artificial Insemination of the mare and the length of the mare's Gestation Period. Also, the relationship with the time of day the foal was birthed was explored. The study showed that the mean gestation lengths were longer than previous reports. The longer the gestation lengths, the less time the mare has to get back into foaling in the same season. The authors suggest that breeding at the first postpartum estrus is essential to ensure optimum conditions for conception.

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