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Quittor, also known as Lateral Cartilage Necrosis, is swelling and sometimes discharge near the lateral cartilage around the pastern of the horses leg.  This condition today, is not as common as it once was.  More often than not it is an infection in the horses foot that would cause laminitis.  Quittor is much more of a serious condition.  This condition was common in the front legs of draft horses because when they would pull in teams, they would occasionally step on the sides of the front feet of another.  Quittor occurs in the coronary band just above the hoof mostly due to injuries.  Injury to this coronary or pastern area can cause subcoronary abscesses from infection or by something that penetrated the sole of the hoof.  Bacteria can get in the foot through cracks in the hoof or wounds in the pastern area.  The abscesses above the hoof can have little sores that will open and seep greenish-yellow pus. 

This condition can be detected fairly easily.  Symptoms of quittor include a warm, swollen area above the coronary band.  It is normally very painful to the horse when touched.  If sores develop, then you will see them with pus as well.  Then you will start to see the horse becoming more and more lame due to the pain from the condition.  Eventually a horse may not bear any weight on the affected leg.  Treatment for this condition can start with antibiotic medicine that can be applied to the wound.  Sometimes however this may not work and surgery is needed.  By performing surgery on a horse with quittor, you can remove all of the dead and affected material to prevent it from reoccurring.  To prevent quittor in a horse, make sure he is shod properly and regularly to prevent cracks, also any puncture wounds to the foot should be cleaned thoroughly.

Here is a link to a video of a horse with quittor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V265McRiyKs
Here is a link to an interesting website about quittor: https://www.drafthorsejournal.com/read/autumn2005/doc-neuman


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