SmartDigest Ultra

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The main function of this supplement is to help maintain a healthy and balanced digestive tract. It can help manage disruptions caused by changes in feed, travel, training, and other stressful events. Included in this supplement are enzymes (increase digestion of starch), yeast (for the improvement of fiber digestion), bacteria (beneficial to the cecum), and prebiotics (reduce disruptions to the cecum).

This supplement is to be fed along with grain, and is available in buckets and also in SmartPaks from SmartPak Equine. On the SmartPak Equine website customers have rated this product 4.7 out of 5 stars and an astonishing 97% of customers would recommend this supplement to a friend. Here is a link to some reviews posted by customers. 


The main reason I decided to look into this product is because of the guarantee that if your horse colics they will reimburse up to $7500 of colic surgery costs. I thought this was a pretty huge claim to make because if their product doesn't do everything they say it does they will end up putting so much money out to pay for surgeries! So once I read through the reviews I truly do think that this product is as amazing as they say it is! There are only a few requirement to enroll in the ColiCare program. The horse must be between 5 months and 25 years old and can reenroll every year until they reach age 28. They can't have a history of colic in the last twelve months or have chronic colic. They also must take the daily dose of SmartDigest Ultra, have physical and dental exams annually, annual vaccines, and deworming. More information on the ColiCare Program.

For its relatively low monthly cost this product really seems to be worth its cost, and SmartPak not only offers the ColiCare program but also guarantees all of its products!

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