MASS  Seminar     Math 497 D     Fall 2014  

 Tuesdays 10:10-12:05  in 113 McAllister

 MASS 2014  General Information     pdf
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 MASS Seminar and Colloquium information     pdf

 Date Topic Homework
  8/26   Groups, rings, and fields:  basics and examples.      due 9/2      pdf  
  9/2   Convex sets and convex functions.    due 9/8      pdf  
  9/9   Compact sets in metric spaces.  More on convex sets.    due 9/15     pdf    
  9/16   Means and inequalities.    due 9/22     pdf    
  9/23   Matrices and linear transformations.    Review Linear Algebra  
  9/30     Career path in academia.  (V.S.)
  How to apply to graduate school.  (Professor Svetlana Katok)
  Graduate school experience.  (Kurt Vinhage)
   Review the presentation  
  10/7   No seminar. Midterm exams.    
  10/14   Geometric properties of conics.  (Arseniy Akopyan)    
  10/21   Dimensions: similarity, box, and Hausdorff.      due 10/27     pdf     
  10/28   Topological spaces.    Read   Giving a talk
   by Bryna Kra   pdf
  11/4   Topological spaces.
  Geodesic flows on spaces of constant negative curvature. (Andres Arroyo)  
  11/11   Circle maps, rotation number, Denjoy theorem and example. (Bobby Lumpkin)
  Arithmetic Dynamics. (Jason Green)
  Differentiable manifolds. (Hilton Galyean)
  11/18   Hilbert's plane geometries. (John Hirdt)
  Markov Chains. (Xi (Amanda) Wang)
  Pricing strategies for a continuum model of the limit order book. (Hongxu Wei)
  12/2   Order preserving permutation polynomials. (Zachary Wampler)
  Newton and Lagrange systems. (Chen Cai)
  Orthogonal transformations in space. (Loren Anderson)
  Symplectic methods for solving Hamiltonian systems with multiple time scales.
            (Xiaolan Yuan)
  Generating non-latin squares using polynomials. (Todd Fenstermacher)