"All men by nature desire knowledge" - Aristotle

The man who wants to know it all, that’s me! I am hungry for information and for knowledge.

On a non-philosophical level, I am currently a post doctoral fellow jointly at the Department of Statistics, and the Department of Computer Science at Harvard University and a Visting Research Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University.

I am very fortunate to be working with Steve Fienberg at CMU, Edo Airlodi and Salil Vadhan at Harvard. Before this, I was a graduate student in the department of Statistics at Penn State University, where I was very fortunate to be advised by Sesa Slavković. For more on my background, please see this interview.

I am lucky to be in the field of statistics as it lets me work across various disciplines.


Broadly, my research interests are in studying and developing methodology for latent variable models motivated by applications. Currently, I work on Differential Privacy, Causal Inference and Social network Models. I am also interested in developing fast computational inference procedures for Intractable likelihoods. I dabble in Algebraic Statistics and Machine learning.


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R4ti2 - An R package to compute Markov bases and construct markov chains on fibers. It has an interface to the algebraic software 4ti2 that computes the Markov bases.

Dynamic Markov Bases (with Elizabeth Gross) - A Macaulay 2 package to compute Markov bases on the fly.