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Córdoba - Spain

Veronica Charbonnet is a first-year graduate student in Penn State’s Spanish department pursuing an MA/PhD in Spanish literature. She was born in Gainesville, Florida to a Cuban mother and Southern father. She grew up eating grits with cafesito, listening to southern rock and salsa, and trying to decide between studying English and Spanish Literature.

She discovered Jose Marti, Lorca and Borges, and opted for Spanish and Latin American Literature at Davidson College, where she earned her BA. Her International Studies concentration allowed her to study Spanish Literature in two of the “epicenters” of literary production in the Spanish-speaking world: Madrid and Buenos Aires, where she failed to learn to dance Flamenco or Tango, but did fall deeply in love with travel and literature.

After her college graduation she returned to Buenos Aires, where she spent five years teaching English to adults and studying literature at the University of Buenos Aires. Her research interests include memory, nostalgia, and exile. She loves teaching and learning, strong coffee, and reading novels late into the night.