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Participate in the United Nations "Seal the Deal" Global Action Week on Climate Change!

Students from around the world are invited to join a Global Action Week on Climate Change from September 20-25, 2009. The Action week is being organized in partnership with the world's leading environmental NGO's and coincides with the UN General Assembly Summit in New York, taking place on September 22.

To do our part and contribute our voice to climate issues, we have created a "virtual wall" for Penn State Brandywine students to have their say on climate change.  Our Virtual Climate Wall will allow students to articulate their concerns on climate change so the world can understand why the next generation feels it is imperative to reach an agreement in Copenhagen.

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Please post your comment on this, our Penn State Brandywine Virtual Climate Wall, by September 22, the date of the General Assembly meeting at UN headquarters. At the end of your posting, include your full name, class year, and major.


Climate change is something that affects my mind on a weekly basis, especially in the summer months. Many individuals are in fear about the whole “global warming” craze and whether or not our planet is heating at alarming rates. From what I’ve learned in certain courses, it seems that Earth is going through a cycle that ultimately will result in warmer temperatures. This planet is still melting from events that took place before our lifetime. My concern is whether or not we will see extreme temperatures occur sooner than we’ve thought. With that concern, I fear for the lives of many animals that reside in colder environments such as polar bears. I wonder whether there is anything that can be done to maintain these regions, or are they bound to melt into the larger bodies of water that exist. And when that occurs, apparently flooding is the result. Climate change is not just a straightforward issue it seems. -- Teron Meyers, Senior, Corporate Communications major

Global warming is a definite situation everyone should be concerned about. As Teron mentioned, earth goes through cycles of weather, as well as geographic changes. This is absolutely a terrifying situation that we have gotten ourselves into. Although many may not be aware that the earth burns its own fossil fuels, it's just that we are doing it at a faster rate with our everyday activities, such as driving,heating, etc.This is our environment, our home, so why not take action to rectify the situation before it is too late. Instead of driving, we should walk, ride our bicycles, make more pedestrian friendly areas. In addition, these methods will not only save us money, but these are also healthy ways for a better lifestyle. My last thought is that humanity needs to stop being selfish. What I mean is that too often businesses and other corporations construct buildings that interfere with wild life animals. For instance, a company may construct a project around a wooded area, that was once the home to a deer or bear. But now, they have made it their habitat and consequently that animal has now been forced to find a new place to call home, or worese become a carcass on the side of the road.This our one planet, our one life, let's make it right.-- Rashad Teal, Sophomore,Undeclared

Climate change is something I think about, and I think everybody else should as well. In my opinion, climate change and global warming is a serious issue that everybody should take into account as they made their everyday decisions. From what I have learned and read, one major influence into the global warming is carbon emmissions from things such as vehicles. With so many people on the road, I think they should take into account what they are potentially doing to this planet. There are ways around it such as carpooling or taking mass transportation. As global warming gets worse, I fear that it will effect Earth's everyday cycles. A couple things that may need to be altered is animal migration as well as farming. Both of those things relay on specific schedules in alliance with the weather, and if the planet's weather is altered, then so are those two things. Those are just a couple examples, but I think everybody should know what is happening to our climate and try to cut back on the size of their ecological footprint by doing things such as preserving fossil fuels, recycling, etc. Everybody can do something small that could make a big difference -- Justin White, Sophomore, Elementary Education major

Global warming is something that is always in the back of my mind. I always worry about the future of our climate, and about the future of all life on earth. I think of animals whose homes are being destroyed due to the changing climate, I think about all the different species of animals that could possibly go extinct in the future due to the climate change. I think about my future childern, and my future grandchildern, and their children, I wonder sometimes about what kind of life they will have with this changing climate. I know that not all climate change can be controlled but I feel that something needs to be done, and needs to be done soon in order to protect our health, all the living plants and animals around us, and the earth we live on from the dangers of climate change. We as living organisms on this planet need to ban together to think of things that we can do to save this great planet that we live on. -- Matthew Lock, Sophomore, Corporate Communications

Every winter my parents talk about how different the weather is today opposed to when they were young. They talk about snow storms that would produce many inches of snow on a regular basis in the winter in Eastern PA, my generation is lucky enough to see a coating to an inch every now and then. The only significant storm I've witnessed in my life time was the blizzard in the early 1990's. This really makes me worry about just how severe global warming is. If in just thirty to forty years our region is seeing a significant change in winter climates, it worries me to think about what kind of climate my children and grandchildren will be living in. Will future generations even see snow or will global warming continue on and change our climate? I think that our generation needs to come together and take a stand for our world and its future and we need to start today. We need to start making people see the importance of recycling, carpooling, and many other different things that will make a huge impact on how we preserve and protect our home, Earth. -- Lauren Purcell, Junior, Human Development and Family Studies

Global warming is defiantly something that everyone of this generation should be concerned about. I love the winter time and snowfall, but as Lauren said the snowfall in the winter just isn’t not the same as it use to be years ago. My parents and older friends also talk about how different it is. I was too young to remember the early blizzard of the ‘90s but I sure wish that we would have another one. Who knows that the weather will be like when our kids have kids? They might not even have a winter, where they see any snow fall at all, which is sad; that’s what winter is supposed to be about. Then how will that affect the other seasons? Will summer become so hot that no one will be able to go outside? Before it gets to that point we need to do something about it to save our planet. Little things that you can do around your own home to help are; replace a regular incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb, move your thermostat down 2° in winter and up 2° in summer, do not leave appliances on standby, and wrap your water heater in an insulation blanket. These are just a few things that you can do around your house to help protect your planet! -- Destinee Akley, Freshman, Undecided

Global warming is something that is constantly talked about. On a daily basis there is new news that is released about global warming and how it drastically affects our climate. For as long as I can remember, people have always suggested car pooling. As if this is the only way to help our climate. This is not. There are so many other things that are done to our climate to effect it in negative ways. The erruption of a volcanoe for instance, this changes the climate in the air for up to a few days because of all of the gases and chemicals that are released into the air. Humans also take drastic measures which also effect our climate. All of the companies that polute the air with their factories and such. However, we need many of these things that the factories are producing. Even if we all did carpool we would still need a car, which uses gas that oil refineries make on a daily basis. Things can be done to help the situation, yes. But this process would need to involve the entire world, not just a couple thousand people. Although a couple thousand people would make a difference every single person would need to try and do something that is good for our environment, i.e. recycling, car pooling, or even finding a new way to deliever packages other than those big 16 wheelers that always let out that puff of black smoke as they get moving on the road. As many have said before me, and as many will say after - everyone can help, we can all make a difference. It is just up to you to choose whether or not you want to. - Cecelia Powers, Junior, American Studies.

I think that climate change is something that affects every one of us on a daily basis whitout us even realizing we're being affected. It goes from something as simple as picking out what you're going to wear that particular day so you aren't sweating, or freezing. It's as simple as putting a pair of sunglasses on to avoid squinting in the sun, or pulling up the hood of your sweatshirt to dodge the sudden downpour on your way across campus to your next class. So what happens when all these simple climate changes turn into something bigger? Global warming is one of the most controversial topics of our world today. As our world becomes more complex day by day, so does the composition of our atmosphere which can lead to pollution and tons of other problems with our Earth; OUR HOME. This is our home, so why not take care of it. There are so many simple things that can be done to make a change to save our planet. We can walk, ride a bike, or carpool to prevent pollution. We can adjust our thermostats to prevent CO2 from being released into the air. If we can simply turn off the faucet when we brush our teeth, plug it up while we wash dishes, or fix a dripping faucet from dripping, we save enough water to help out our planet as well. Simple change = Big Difference. I don't want the Earth to deteriorate. I want it to flourish. I want the next generation to have the same experiences I did, but this cannot be done unless we make a change. These changes that we can make in our lives can make a big difference. So it's simple, right? -- Nicole Foderaro, Sophomore, Education

Global warming seems to be a big concern now of days and it is one that I have thought over a lot. I heard a lot about the melting of the ice caps. Has anyone noticed that world maps don't even have the North pole on them? All of that ice melting is add to our oceans. When large amounts of ice is being add to the waters it raises our ocean levels. Increased ocean levels could cause it to take over our land. Even a few meters add up to a decrease on lands. Out of the animal population, the polar bear has been affected the most by lost of ice land for which it lives on. In 2005 a Russian ice breaker ship destroyed much of the land pushing the polar bears towards extinction with an estimated population of 20,000 and falling. If more ice is lose due to melting who knows how much longer the polar bear will be able to survive. -- Theresa Merritt, Senior, Business

Some people think that they should make changes to Global warming in the future. However I tend to think that people should, ‘‘‘‘View the Future as Now"'' because if we want to save the planet we would have to do it now. People can’t just say that ''in the future we have to make the changes''. We have to make the changes right now if we want to have a future on this planet. Taking simple steps like changing light bulbs to CFLs and making our homes more energy efficient will reduce global warming pollution. During the summer when my family and I drove to Canada, I noticed that through the forests we passed is that some of trees did not have leaves of them. They looked like the way the trees look during the winter '''bare'''. Which is not supposed to happen since its summer and trees are not supposed to be totally bare. This does show how global warming does affects us and how it’s a bad change that affects our planet. --Jelliza Doka, Junior, Financial Services major

Climate change, also reffed to as Global warming, is a very important issue, as it affects the entire world. Drastic changes in weather around the world are giving people more and more reason to worry about its future. For example, I'm not a big fan of winter but as far as I know, winter starts around December. If I didn't know any better I would assume we should start gearing up from now, seeing that the moth of September has been extremely cold. The news media is constantly talking about Global warming and why it is that we are experiencing it. I think that the causes can be classified in two categories: Man made and Natural. Man made causes of global warming result from pollution, emitted from cars or power plants, airplanes etc. However, other causes of Global warming, such as the release of methane, are things that we have no control over. Nevertheless, I do believe that we all have to try our best to minimize the negative influences of Global warning. Some areas may be exposed to droughts, sea levels will rise and climates will change, which isn't exactly good for anyone. Another effect of Global warming is glacier disappearance, which may cause land slides and flash floods.
All in all, I do think that everyone can and will become affected by Global warming, and as a result, everyone should lend a helping hand and try their best to limit pollution and other man made activities that add to the causes of Global Warming. -- T'Chell Looby, Sophomore, Human Development & Family Studies

Global warming or global climate change is something that I am very unsure about. Some scientists believe strongly that global warming is occurring, and others believe that the earth is actually getting colder. I have seen speakers representing both sides of the argument who have come to Penn State, and it's very tough to decide who is right. Although it is not clear to me exactly what is going on with the climate, it is evident that something is happening. Weather during are four seasons is definitely not what it used to be with winter seeming to come early, and summer not quite as hot as it used to be. I believe that the public is in need of some solid research to tell us exactly what is going on here, because arguing back and forth about whether the earth is heating up or cooling down is getting us nowhere. With the right information the community will be better able to help prevent or maybe even adapt to these changes that are happening to our climate. -- Michael Croce, Junior, IST

Global warming, also known as globlal climate change has been in effect since the dawn of time, but ever since technology has entered our lives, the speed of global climate change has increased dramatically. To run the new technologies, the company needs power, and that power is derived from coal, and oil, which the U.S. uses a lot of, and in turn causes major problems with the environment. Climate change does not just effect humans but animals as well. Area's such as the North Pole are starting to melt away because of the excess heat that the planet is taking in, and in turn, polar bears are drowning because of random cracks in the ice that leave them floating in the sea. Natural habitats for animals are being destroyed world wide, anywhere from forrest fires to deserts. The increase in heat is causing major weather problems, as we just learned about floods in Africa, and hurricanes hitting home (New Orleans). There are many small and helpful things citizens of this planet can do to help prevent this disaster: car pool, recycle, use wind and solar power for electricity, re-use plastic products so they will not end up in land fills, plant more trees in your back yards, stop buying big SUV's that get 10 miles to the gallon, start using diesel because it is much cleaner than oil (Volkswagon). Very little things I just listed make such a big difference for our planet. What people forget is that planet Earth cannot be re-created, and soon human beings are going to feel the power of nature, and it is not going to be something pleasant, unless a groupe of people stand up and enforce these basic things, this planet, unfrotunate to say, is not going to make it for too long.
Vick Arslanian, Sophomore, Business Management.

Global Climate change is a topic that is talked about a great deal in my household, especially because of the effects that the climate change has and will have on our planet. Yes, it is true that the Earth goes through natural climate changes, but it is also true that we have all contributed at one point to global climate change. Examples of that would include,transportation (buses, cars, etc), power plants and bon fires that organizations may have as a celebratory acts. Global Climate change is a serious issue that needs to addressed. Even though we may not experience global climate change to its full extent, we have seen some effects such as, glaciers melting in the Antartic, floods, and the increasing numbers of natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc). Our children and our childrens children will experience far more than we are now in regards to global climate change. We should try our best to minimize our contribution to global climate change, by cutting down some of the pollution (car pooling, walking, riding our bikes, etc), and by going green to help sustain our environment.
--Brittney Walker, Junior, Corporate Communications

Global Climate change is a huge subject amongst our generation because we feel and see the damage being done to our planet. We are spilling chemicals into our rivers and oceans, allowing power plants to pollute our atmosphere, not recycling, etc. As a result, seasons are either early or late in arrival. The endless list of crimes we are commiting as a race is not only killing our planet, but the animals that live here as well. We are forcing them to change their living arrangements, and if we do not stop this soon, we will be doing the same. We must pull ourselves out of the oil spill we swam our way into and clean it up. This planet is our home and without it, we would not exsist. Positive action must be done, and I am more than willing to help.
Martina Delgado, Sophomore, English Major

Climate change, also known as global warming, has affected all of us in our lives. Day by day, it continues to get worse for the planet Earth and the six billion residents on its planet. The main problem is people lack the knowledge of what they can do from saving Earth from any more destruction from global warming. People do not know by not helping Earth, they are losing some animals like polar bears and penguins, to due the melting ice all around the world. Some of the most beautiful animals in the world, dying, because we do not know how to recycle, save energy, and reuse products. However, like I mentioned before, no one knows how to stop global warming, and no one seems to know the damage it puts on Earth each day. I feel like the people should know what to do and get the time to educate themselves to help global warming, and possibly save lives on some plants, animals, and people on the way of doing it. Another way the planet Earth can stop global warming is to try to reduce the carbon monoxide that is releasing into the Earth each and every day. So many things can lead to carbon monoxide getting put into the air, with the main reason being cars. If more and more people can buy a hybrid car, or even just stop buying huge SUV’s, the planet Earth would definitely feels the effects of this. Even simple things in the supermarket can lead to the planet being safer from carbon monoxide, like eating organic food and using reusable bags. If the people of the United States and the rest of the world can just do a few simple things, I feel as if we can save the planet Earth from the destruction it is putting on the animals, planets, and people each and every day and make a difference in the world! So hopefully on September 22nd, the United Nations can “Seal the Deal” and make the planet Earth go green!
-Aaron Levin, Sophomore, Elementary Education

The climate change which is also called Global Warming is affecting everyone and everything that lives on the planet earth. The climate change is affecting different areas on the earth in many different ways. One way that it is affecting earth is that the polar bears that live in the North Pole are losing their homes because of the melting ice caps of the result of global warming. Another way that global warming is affecting us is that it is making the weather just a little hotter every single year. There are many reasons why people might not know about climate change. One reason why I think that people don’t know about climate change is that we don’t have more and more people do not know about climate change and also countries all around the world do not know the results of climate change and also how to help in make the earth a better place to live on. So, I thought of some ideas of helping in getting the message across of climate change. One is that the adverting of global warming was a good idea because it made people look at the way they live but for the past two or three years there have not been many advertisements on how to make the earth a better and greener place to live. So, I think there should be more TV commercials showing the affects of global warming on the earth and also the government should help make more greener products like cars like prius cars and other cars that run on every day stuff like water, solar powered cars and electric cars to help make the road ways a better and greener area to drive on and also they should make more greener items. So, I hope that on September 22, 2009 when the United Nations can sit down and read and discuss all about the virtual wall postings and I hope that they can come up with a plan that helps make the earth a better and greener place to live on.
David Gregory, Sophomore, Elementary Education

Global warming or climate change as its refered to now is a growing concern all over the world. They reallized that the world isnt exactly getting hotter it also is getting colder in other parts of the world aswell obviously, so they call it climate change now. Causes for it are volcanos for poluting the atmosphere with sulphur dioxide, humans for over using fossil fouls and creating a green house gas effect, even things like the earths tilt and ocean currents can effect it. Some problems of climate change is that just a few degrees difference in an areas climate could have major effects on that areas echo system. Just a few degrees could wipe out a whole species of insect or plant. That might not seem to importent but it is, if u cut off the bottom of the food chain it will have an effect on the system. It also can melt glaciers melting which cuases alot of problems in itself like flooding, raising the tempiture and lets not forget about the poor polar bears. If its possible for humans to be able to stop all this or can at least slow it down then its our responiblity to do so.
Jeff Beecher, Junior, Business Management

Climate change is a major force, and it must be recognize. The earth over its history has always fluctuated in temperature, heating and cooling. This was always a natural occurrence and the earth always healed itself. This is because the earth creates its own green house gases, but not in such excess that it cannot heal itself as it did in the pass. Now with humans pumping millions of tonnes of harmful gases into the atmosphere we ask out self with all this excess, can the earth really take car of its self or is it time for intervention. If you ask me I'm for intervention, we are killing our plane, the only place we have to live (yet). This is such a easy answer for me, but why does it seem so difficult for the people of the earth to answer. Is money and convenience more important than our survival. Over the past couple decades it has been that way, but now with what seems to be a new age of enlightenment around the corner we see more and more people starting to car, like with seal the deal. It gives me hope that one day we will be a clean energy society and our earth will no longer be at danger from its inhabitants. -- Marc Carroll, Sophomore, Undecided

Climate change is a real situation that I am becoming more and more concerned about. We as a society as polluting the world, and not even realizing it. If sea levels continue to rise at the rate they are now, then just in a few years we will see a lot of negative changes in the earth. Changing of the weather can cause a lot of death in insects, as well as animal species becoming extinct. If we keep cutting down forests, this causes the oxygen level to decrease and can farther global warming tremendously, because the temperature will increase even faster. We can help the environment by not buying cars that burn a lot of gas such as the big SUVs or trucks. Or even simpler things such as not polluting the air with hair sprays or cut down on plastic bags by using recyclable bags. The easiest thing we can do is recycle anything we can. This is our planet and we should do anything we can to protect it so that future generations don't have to clean up our mess. Our lives are on this earth, and our job is to make sure it stays harm free for years to come.
Sabiha Kabir, Sophomore, Crime, law, & Justice. (CLJ)

I personally think that the foremost concern surrounding the issue of climate change is the accurate and scientific distribution of facts and perception of the reality of this “global” issue to begin with. Before we set out to utilize a magnitude of world resources, we need to have an understanding of each party’s involvement and their agendas that have a vested interest in this issue. Essential to the success and overall well being of future generations is an understanding of what actions should be taken that would be mutually beneficial to not just a small percentage of said parties, but to take into account all of the dimensions of this clearly multi-faceted issue. I think we would be doing a great disservice to tomorrow’s children by taking this all-encompassing issue and minimizing it to a basic issue of us against them. -- Christine Gibboni, Senior, Corporate Communications

Global climate change is a huge issue in this world now. People are starting to think about it more and more as the years go by. This issue has been so big marketing people have created this "green" marketing line just to sell their product. With people thinking about going green and helping the environment these products sell very well. It’s actually hard to find products that do not have a “green” companion. As for people trying to prevent global warming, they are trying to downsize their carbon footprint. The government has tried to kick-start that moves while boosting the economy with the cash for clunkers program. This allowed people with SUV’s that got bad gas mileage to get a big rebate to buy a new car. The problem I see with just trading in old cars for new is, the waste from the old cars and the waste that is used to build the new ones. For example these new hybrid cars it is almost worse for the environment to build and dispose those batteries. In the future I see a better way to reuse and recycle these batteries but the technology is not there yet so I think we rushed into these hybrid cars just for the car company’s to make more money as people will buy them and they are. As for us the human society I believe we still need to do a better job cleaning up after ourselves. If you drive along a major highway in the NY – PA area there is garbage all up and down the road. These little steps can be a big step into the right direction.
~Brian Eswood, Sophomore, DUS

Global climate change is an important issue that should not go overlooked. Technological changes across the world are causing more and more people to rely on the earth’s natural resources. With heavy reliance on these fuels, the earth is not given the opportunity to produce natural resources, causing this global climate change. Throughout today’s society, “Going Green” is the main focus. This is one step in the right direction however; this will not be the only way to stop this change in the climate. Instead of relying on cars and public transportation to take us places, we must utilize our bikes and roller skates. Also, people can make a change by using more wind and solar power, recycling, and purchasing smaller cars. Little things like these can combine together to make a change. People across the world have to realize we are affecting not only ourselves but our entire environment, animals and vegetation. By using these fossil fuels we are also causing alarming increases in heat which have led to natural disasters. These disasters are ripping through areas, destroying communities and taking lives. This is our planet and it is our duty to do whatever we can to stop harming it! People must starting realizing this and a combination of the things listed can help make a change.
--Thomas White, Junior, Business Management/Marketing

Over these past few years, the issue of global warming has become a major concern. Although it is true that the earth has always fluctuated in surface temperature and weather patterns that can last for many centuries, global warming has been making its way to the center of attention as being an issue. Climate change can affect our "green space." Green space is our vegetation, plants, farms, and also the environment. If we have a drought over a long period of time, our vegetation will be destroyed. The drought will cause the plants and trees to dry out because we need to water them to make them stay fresh. For instance, say your living is based off growing and selling your crops. You can't grow anything with a major drought occurring and that will cause you to have money problems. Climate change not only affects humans, but it also affects the animals in our environment. If we were to have a major snowstorm for a long period of time, some animals wont survive. Most animals need to survive by eating off of other animals so one animal dead might result in hundreds of animals dead. We need to work together as one to save this planet from global warming. -- Michael Gumina, Sophomore, Liberal Arts

In its most basic form, the definition to the word global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. To be honest, this topic is never talked about in my house and I can’t even remember the last time I remember seeing a news story on TV or reading an article in the newspaper about it and I think that’s a huge problem – people all across the world, as well as Americans don’t know enough about global warming and how dangerous it can be if we don’t make drastic changes to how we people live our lives. It’s scary to know that sea levels are rising, cloud forests are drying, glaciers are melting, and wildlife is scrambling to keep pace – and all of this could continue if we humans don’t decide to make changes to how we live our lives.

Instead of burning natural gases such as coal and oil, big factories producing long lasting industrial gases, and farmers using some practices that increase the levels of methane and nitrous oxide we need to begin to reduce waste, choose reusable products instead of disposables and recycle. In addition, we humans need to use less heat and air conditioning, drive less and car pool, and buy energy-efficient products.

If all us humans encourage others to live more “green” and we work together to form a plan about how we can release less green house gases, the planet will be much better off, and we won’t have to worry about how dangerous global warming can one day become.


- Patrick Monaghan, Sophomore, Communications.

Climate change is an important topic that we should all be concerned with. Global Warming, specifically climate change is impacting our entire planet. All over the world, temperatures are on the rise, ocean levels are rising, we have extreme storms and heat waves, and the snow season is becoming shorter. These changes affect marine life,land animals, forests, agriculture, and human beings. Extreme storms, flooding, and heat waves are ecomically devastating and often result in the loss of many human lives. The changes in the ocean depths affect coastlines and low-lying seaside communities. Many plant and animal species are forced to change their habitats to find a more livable climate due to the changes in temperature and the environment. Many animals risk extinction if they are not able to adapt to the climate changes. As individuals, as a nation, and the world, we need to devote energy, money, time, research, education and awareness to the issue of global climate change so that we can do whatever is humanly possible to minimize the devastating affects it is having on our planet. - Kyle Schiltz, Sophomore, Crime, Law & Justice

Climate change is a topic that every American should be concerned with. However, there seems to be much controversy over the actual state that our planet is in. Some people feel global warming is taking place as a result of pollution caused by man which will result in the melting of the ice caps and the collapse of the ozone layer. Others feel that earth is just going through a natural cycle where we are moving into a warm period. I feel the answer lies somewhere in the middle of these two theories, and as a result I feel we as humans must reduce carbon emissions and seek alternative sources of energy like solar and wind energy. We have to adapt to the changing environment that we are in whether it be a result of a natural war period we are entering or if it is global warming.
- John McFadden, Junior, English

Time flies for you and I, with our busy lives, going on from day to day. The environment always seems to be a topic that can be pushed off until tomorrow. The time is now and society needs to open their eyes to what is being altered around them; we need to stop ignoring what is happening. Yes the Earth does have its recuperating cycle, but in recent past, the world has gone through traumatic events that are proof to the unintended consequences of the exponential growth of human activity. We need to, as a society; a nation, work at increasing energy efficiency in retrospect to renewable energies.
No doubt about it, we have not only felt the effects of national oil consumption pulling us into wars and disagreements, but the climactic change in our weather patterns. Events such as Hurricane Katrina are due to the increasing global temperature. I find it appalling that companies and incorporations can control every aspect of not only our lives, but the future society of America, simply by raising and lowering oil prices when they feel is necessary. Our dependency on this limited recourse MUST end now! There is such a wide range of renewable energies, that if we invest in them now, not only will the global environment feel a relief, but so will the economy. Imagining a world of renewable energies is a remarkable thing. Think of the freedoms, the business, the research, the improvement of our world for future generations to come. The possibilities are there, we just need to take off the blindfold and see that it is possible.
-Thomas Krupa, Sophmore, Engineering

Climate change is an event that is occuring whether we want it to or not. The big issue that climate change boils down to when world leaders meet up is mostly whether or not humans are contributing to this natural process, as well as what we can do to decrease our "carbon footprint." Human influence on climate change is usually known as "global warming," although most people view this term and climate change as virtually interchangeable terms. What drives these processes are greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane gas, which also occur naturally in the earth.
My personal belief is it is undeniable that humans are contributing to global climate change, especially if you consider the gases emitted from the cars we use every day, the coal that we burn in our power plants, as well as the constant deforestation of the rainforests. All of these factors eventually contribute to climate change as a whole. As one of the largest fossil fuel consumers in the world, it is imperative that the United States finds a way to reduce their carbon footprint, in addition to the other major fossil fuel consumers in the world. It is also my hope that there will be an agreement of some sort reached with all parties involved as we put our differences aside and try to get something done to fight this problem before it is too late.

Jonathan Hartline, Junior, Information Sciences and Technology

Our Earth is beginning to fade away to nothing as global warming and other climate changes increase every year. Increased temperatures in both cold and hot seasons have begun to take formation. We even can see these changes as winter becomes hotter each year with limited snowfall. Humans have caused these things to occur by creating and feeding global warming.
Other climate changes occur more frequently with hurricanes doing more destruction than before. Human dependency on limited resources such as fossil fuels have caused our earth's atmosphere to fade. These limited resources will eventually run out if we cannot think of alternate energy.
We have done this to ourselves and hopefully we can reverse this before it is too late for us. An agreement needs to be reached globally so we can lower this problem that is presented in front of us.
Spencer Drulik, Sophmore, Engineering

I've heard before that the Earth has had natural heating and cooling patterns throughout the decades. This good be part of the reason for global warming, but then there is our part. Our biggest way to help the environment right now is to find alternative fuels, in my opinion at least. Our fossil fuels can't last forever and our damaging out atmosphere. This is the biggest problem facing us today when talking about the environment and needs to have something happen now to fix it. Hybrid and electric cars help the matter, but not everyone drives them. All new cars today should have it mandatory to be one of these types of cars to try and help us now until solutions are found. One of the biggest things I've read about is a Hydrogen based engine for cars, an engine that runs on water. If we could get that to work one day then our biggest problem would be over because we'd be using a resource that is plentiful and would do no damage to our atmosphere at all. That is what I think we need to do to help our environment.

Ryan McHugh, Sophomore, Business

The main concern of today’s generation is climate change. I feel like there is still so much we don’t know about what is going on that it is hard to say what exactly should be done—just that something has to change. There is no one act or law that will be the end all, be all for climate change, and I think the world governments really need to step in and do something. We, as a race, cannot change in one day and reverse the effects of climate change, and I feel as though if the governments were to start implementing changes today, we could lessen the effects that future generations will have to deal with. I have learned that climate change is natural process for the Earth to go through, but with all of the pollution and destruction of natural habitats that humans have done, I am not sure what outcome will be the future for our planet. I think we need to do more research about the greenhouse gases and what can be done to limit the quantity that is released into the air. If the human race is going to better the Earth, there needs to be less sitting around and more action being done, or the polar bears won’t be the only animals facing extinction. Justin LePore, Junior, Communications

Climate issues are having a great impact on this generation. What we do to affect the climate and climate changes has become one of the top issues. Global warming is a great concern for many of us. The climate has changed considerably in the past few decades and this raises some questions. What can we do to help our climate and slow global warming? In my opinion, we need alternatives and better understanding and better education about these issues. I think that we are making progress with hybrid cars and such but we need to do more or else we could be in trouble. People need to become more aware of the damage that we our doing to our planet and what we can do to help it. -- Kaitlin McDyre, Sophomore, Journalism

Every year the earth moves along a cycle which we cannot stop. However global warming is taking place and the question how are we affecting the process. We can't tell if we are making it progress faster or how we may be affecting it. Our affects we cause to our planet everyday will affect people living thousands of years down the line from us. Because of that we need to learn what we can do to impact our planet as little as possible while still moving towards a greater tomorrow.
Kenneth Wilson, Sophomore, Information Sciences

Global warming has been a growing concern in the world today. It is one of the most environmental controversy that many people are worried about. Although many questions and concerns that arise from global warming would be with all the people that drive around today, you see that more and more people are driving around cars that are gas efficient and electric. These are one of the small things that are going to help the environment, although it will not solve the fact that cars have been polluting the world but it will show that many people are concerned and they are trying to come in touch with technology so that all cars will be able to run on hydrogen or electric power. When I think of environmental protection that is the first thing I think of because I know the car I drive around although helps me get me to where I need to go it is not helping our environment which is why I do so much research on the technology of cars and how they are advancing. I can see where the world is going with their feelings on the environmental stance because one of the most commonly used things by humans are becoming so advanced and environmental friendly. Its not just the people coming up with the ideas of advancing technology it has to do with everyone helping out, which includes recycling items when you are done with them not littering the area that you live in, just overall know what your actions even though so small can cause so much damage to our environment and many people take our planet for granted and think that it takes care of itself when in fact it is us that is causing our environment to be so sensitive. -- Marc Frayne, Junior, Information Science & Technology

Global warming is an issue facing our world, not just our country. And it is obvious that some giant steps must be taken if our environment is going to be improved. If it isn’t too late already. Saying that global warming is a problem; would be an understatement. The role of technology is huge when it comes to making a change in the climate. We have the people and the resources to make a difference. In my opinion, solar energy is clearly the most logical solution, it does not pollute and there is a never ending supply of sunlight. Scientists already know how to use solar energy, now we just have to make it more convenient. Because if there is one thing Americans love it is convenience. -- Sarah Schatzman, Sophomore, Corporate Communications

Global warming is a topic that I am very skeptical about. There are signs that the earth has warmed somewhat over the past 20 or 30 years. However, the earth and its weather has been going through cycles throughout human history. For example, the year of 1816 was called The Year Without A Summer. In New England, snow was reported in June and frosts and freezes occurred throughout July and August. This was due to the eruption of Mount Tambora, a composite volcano in Indonesia, during 1815, the previous year.
During the 1970s, the politically correct way to describe the climate situation was through using the term "global cooling". The 1970s worn known to have extremely winters with above average winter storms. During the 1990s and early 2000s, the politically correct way to describe the climate situation was through using the term " global warming". After 1998, which broke many temperature records, the earth has not been warming as rapidly. Is this a turning point for temperature trends? Only time will tell. I believe that the earth has constantly been going through temperature cycles. In the 1990s and 2000s, the earth was going through a warming period. In the 1970s, the earth was in a cooler pattern. Maybe there will be chillier temperature pattern for the next decade.
Jonathan Sharp, Freshman, Geography

Climate change is something that all of use should be really worried about. The best example, I think, that anybody could give about how our climate is changing is the melting glaciers. According to an article on the National Geographic website, rises in the ocean are imminent and will be catastrophic. According to the experts, a three-foot rise of the ocean level would submerge the US Eastern seaboard and a twenty-foot rise could submerge most of Florida. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2004/04/0420_040420_earthday.html
This is a great cause for alarm because most of the glaciers that could cause this destruction are already melting, which is a process that cannot be reversed in our lifetime. This is a global emergency that must be addressed. I do not think that we have been doing a very good job at finding a solution or at least some alternatives. I believe that if we trully want to fix things, we must go beyond greener cars and green jobs. We need to find better fuel and cut down heavily on CO2 emissions. I believe that we have the knowledge and resources to find a solution, but we must first put them together. It is going to take some new and improved maps and forecasts of what will happen in the future if we do not do something and maps and forecasts of different what-if scenarios. This would at least get the ball rolling in the right direction, I believe. --Josh Karahalis, Freshman, Meteorology

The impact of global warming has really scared me about the future of our planet. I've heard for years about the doomsday scenario if we let global warming go unsolved. What makes me the most nervous about it is the potential impact on animals and the food chain. If a food, like crickets or bugs, go extinct or endangered, then more animals can fall off the chart, thus impacting much bigger animals and certainly us. It could lead to food shortages and chaos. And I do not want my children to face that. I honestly don't know how the world would be able to handle a fallout like that. Hopefully world governments are coming up with plans on how to deal with food when there's a global food shortage. -- Colleen Sullivan, Junior, Crime, Law and Justice.

Our climate needs more attention than it is getting. By this I mean less media attention and more action. The climate seems to have become a fad rather than an important issue these days. Countless adds for eco-friendly water bottles, reduced percentage plastics, and my favorite, hybrid cars. There are websites making profits of these material goods. Even though money may be going into research to save the environment, thats all it will ever be is research. We need to stop this, “Go Green” fad and start doing something about the situation now. I tired of companies hiding behind the words “We are Green.” Car companies especially, need to step it up. You are producing cars that get twenty miles per gallon. Are you serious? Do not tell me or the public, that you do not have the technology to get better gas milage. You do, stop lying to us. We need to reduce the impact we have on this Earth now, not later. Soon it will be too late and regret will consume us.
- Karl Eugene Skotleski Jr, Sophomore, Communications

You never seem to hear much about global warming anymore except on clothes, bags, water bottles etc. However, it never seems to be about global warming necessarily but about saving the planet. I don't think a lot of people really know much about what global warming really is. I think people need to be educated on what global warming really is, it's actual causes and effects. I also think people should be educated on things that they can do once they know what global warming is all about. I don't think people should focus on the negative in the sense of saying "it's too late" or "there's nothing I can do". Every little thing matters and it's not possible to change the past people can only do their best for the future.
-Ashlee Lynn Eyster, Sophomore, Corporate Communications

I believe climate change is a huge issue. In my opinion, I don't think global warming is effecting the earth as much as expected. However, it is effecting the ice caps in Alaska and it is causing the walruses to reduce productivity because their ice shelves are melting away. I know global warming is a earthwide thing, but I feel like it hasn't affected me personally. This doesn't mean I believe it isn't a problem, this just means that I don't know much about it and want to learn more. I hope to learn more about global warming and it's effects, because I would love to help. This ia a growing problem in our society and I believe there is a way to prevent it. It just takes a big effort on everyone's part, to do what is right. Some people think they don't need to help because it won't affect them in their lifetime. But, what about your children and your grandchildren? They will probably be affected by this on-going problem of global warming. I hope that people can come together as a group and realize this problem and find ways to prevent it. Because if we don't, it will just grow and grow until it's too late and then there's nothing we can do. -- Ryan McAndrews, Junior, Business

The impact of global warming is something that needs to be on the minds of everyone. Our lives and the lives of our children, their children, etc. depend on what we do now and in the future to help stop global warming. We may think that recycling those cans once in a while or not using that one piece of paper is making a difference, but what will make the difference is if we commit ourselves to that mindset all of the time. We hold the future of our planet in our hands, and it's up to us to decide what to do with it. -- Rob Hearon, Senior, Corporate Communication

Global warming is a very big concern. Its been a growing concern for years but now we need to finally take action on it. Some people just don't care and those people are either uneducated on the topic or are just thinking they can't fix it. Everyone on this planet needs to be aware of this problem. If we can get everyone to pull together and try to help prevent and solve this problem i think that we can make a huge difference and help future generations live in a better world.
- Chris Mccusker, Freshman, Undecided

I personally think that the future of our planet could be in jeopardy. We live in a society were people constantly waste and think nothing of its long term effects. While the media constantly urges eco-friendly things, I think there is a lot more that could be done. for starters there is no need to still be running cars off of gasoline. With today's technology we should be running our cars off an environmentally safe and cost effective method. Hydrogen, fuel cell, and electric cars should have already been developed, tested, and decided upon which one would be the best option. There is no doubt in my mind the reason this hasn't happened is because of the oil industry and the massive amount of money it has at it's disposal.

We also cut down an unbelievable amount of trees each year for wood paper and other products, without thinking about the effects its going to have on our atmosphere. While most may disagree, prior to hearing the benefits and facts, I would suggest legalizing hemp. We could grow hemp for paper, as well as 30,000 other products. This would allow us to stop cutting down trees and allow the composition of the atmosphere to be the way it should be. One acre of hemp is equal to four acres, and it is harvested annually vs cutting down a tree and waiting 30 years for it to grow back to the size it was. Hemp can also solve car fuel issue. You can make hemp into fuel, and the great thing about it is creates a closed cycle. What I mean by closed cycle is that the amount of carbon dioxide that is given off when it is burned as a fuel is equal to the amount of oxygen that is giving off by the plant when it is growing. By legalizing hemp we could significantly reduce carbon emission, end the greenhouse effect, and countless other benefits. -- James Kadingo, Sophomore, Business

The climate on earth today is bringing us an a major shock on how its environmental change through periods of time today. There are so many place around us trying their best to help the earth to be as clean as possible from preventing certain disaster. As of today, many people should heard about global warming around us and is global warming actually prevent all the climate changes? I think its true that global warming would turn out to be the answer of an a climate change but its not all about global warming causes it change. Every living things on earth turns out to be an a issues that causes this change. Many people haven't realized that recycle is important to the earth and around us where pollution can be better from prevent a climate change. The air we breath in and the surrounding around us is important to us where they needed to be stayed clean. Bad pollution also causes the global warming that occur in a greater level of its climate in the world today. Every natural resources is being ruin from us and we need to be more responsible for this change. The trash, gas, technology, and other chemicals that we use around us is causing the change of its environmental and leading to the climate changes. We need to love our planet and start to make this earth look as clean as possible from preventing an disaster due to the climate change. - Chuling Zeng (Cindy), Junior, Hotel Restaurant Institute Management

Climate change is recognized as a severe environmental problem facing our world today. A huge concern is global warming. The increase in Earth's temperature causes change in our climate. It is a cause for concern because it impacts not only humans, but plants and wildlife as well. Everyone and everything depends on something else. We has humans depend on plants and animals. If they are effected by climate change then sure enough we are effected, whether it means not having food to eat or other resources we rely on. We need to make some major changes if we want to try and improve our environment. If we have the ability to destroy our environment, then we have to ability to to protect it. There are many products we can use in substitution for the ones that are environmentally harmful. We just have to be aware and conscious enough to use them.--Ashley Morrell, Junior, Psychology

Global warming is one of those lingering issues that everyone still talks about. Just about everything and anything now a days is about “going green”. There have been multiple steps in reacting to the global warming issue. The first place you will see this lies within buildings and work places of today. Many buildings are starting to use geothermal heating opposed to oil based heating. It saves a lot of resources and is a more efficient way of heating buildings. You will also start to see motion sensor light switches to save on electricity even further reducing wastes created from power plants. Along with buildings going green, car makers are continuing to improve fuel efficient and electric cars. With cars getting 200 miles per gallon, it saves a great deal of resources by saving on gas and oil. Everyday things are continuing to improve with new technologies to help solve this ongoing global warning problem. Perhaps 5 to 6 years down the road we would have done enough to reduce threats of this global issue. ~ Eric Bayes, Sophomore, Business

The climate changing is due to the Global warming we are having today, because of the climate changing it's doing a major effect on the environment. People nowadays are trying their best to keep the environment clean because it destroying the natural environment. We are the one that are causing the climate to change because of the pollution and the chemical. I think we need to change the way we use too much gasoline that is harmful to the environment. Also we should recycle plastic, cans, paper, glass, etc, so that we can keep the environment clean. Due to us human using so many chemical things it harms the environment, so we have to use as less chemical things as possible.--Mamie Chen, Junior,Hotel Management

Climate change is something that we all need to think about. Not enough is being done to restrict the amount of harmful greenhouse gases that are being carelessly freed into the atmosphere. The warmth of the sun is trapped by the gases that are naturally in the Earth's atmosphere. These harmful gases are making this layer thicker and our planet hotter. Our climate will become more and more dangerous if something is not done. Floods, heat waves, snow storms, and other natural occurrences will become more and more extreme because of these harmful gases we produce every day. I think that the main problem with climate change is that gas is invisible. If people could see the amount of gas that we burn off every day from doing things like driving automobiles to flying airplanes, they would listen and want to change the way they live. If they could see the harm that we are causing to our own atmosphere they would change. We don't understand that our carelessness today will affect our children and our grandchildren. The problem is just going to get worse and hopefully it won't take an extreme disaster to open the people of our planet's eyes.
Kevin Kelleher, Junior, IST

Global climate change is a common topic of discussion. Conserving our natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint are the keys to slowing (if not) reversing the trend of global warming. We, as a planet of co-inhabitants, need to find ways to effectively and efficiently utilize the limited resources our Earth offers us. Governments around the world need to examine environmental issues from a global perspective. There must be universal global sanctions for industrialized nations and research into new developments for greener operations.

As individuals, we need to understand the limits of our planet and make changes in our lives. By simply reducing consumption, recycling, and reusing products we can shrink our own carbon footprint. The ability is there, we need to recognize the problems and fix them before it’s too late. -- Ryan Collins, Senior, Business

The climate changing due to global warming affects us every day. From glaciers melting in the North Pole causing rising sea levels and ocean temperatures and even greenhouse gases cause by everyday living. I think greenhouses gases and radiation are the ones to most worry about in my view because the gases are released every minute of everyday with millions of cars, machines, power-plants in use. Many of us are not aware of these things but they affect our environment so much. So much pollution in the air is causing our atmosphere to become thinner letting the radiation from the sun cook up our planet making the temperatures rise. Also with he technology we have today we should get rid of gas running cars has hard has that sounds to make happen. We have the ability to make cars that run for many more miles a gallon. Global Warming poses a huge threat for our future and we need to come up with ways to slow down the climate change and incorporate our technology to become an eco-friendly planet. ~ Francesco Grimaldi, Sophomore, Criminal Justice

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