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***PLEASE NOTE*** We are currently transitioning our materials from this site to the Pennsylvania Earth Science Teachers Association (PAESTA) website. Some resources will continue to be freely available, but curricular materials will require membership to access the PAESTA Classroom. As PAESTA membership is FREE, we encourage you to sign up and find an even wider range of resources for teaching Earth and space sciences.

Curricular exercises (such as the Grand Canyon sed/strat, Discovering Plate Boundaries, Tombstone Weathering, etc.) are now in the PAESTA Classroom. You will need to sign up for free membership and log in to access.

Our Common Read Resources can now be found at the PAESTA Common Read Books page.
Science Celebrations can now be found at the PAESTA Calendar.
The Coal Unit can now be found at A Six-Day Unit on Coal and Energy.
Also visit the PAESTA website for a listing of Professional Organizations and a Journal Listing.


Welcome to Penn State's blog on Transforming Earth System Science.  Here, we provide valuable information on the basics of approaching an Earth system pedagogy with an inquiry-based approach. 

Although the content presented here is geared towards what is covered during the summer teacher workshops, we hope that all teachers will explore these materials year-round.



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