K-12 Exercises

This page lists specific Google Earth exercises designed for the K-12 classroom. Each exercise includes instructions and/or a worksheet for students to complete (MS Word), along with the required Google Earth file (KML/KMZ). The exercises are written for elementary (E), middle (M), or high school (H) and can easily be scaled up or down. Exercises can be completed as a demonstration by a teacher in the front of the classroom, as a class where students are on computers, or as homework.

The answer key for each exercise is not posted but may be obtained by emailing earthquest@psu.edu along with your name, your school, city and state.


Energy Issues

An Exploration of Global Oil Spill Disasters (M,H) -- worksheet, Google Earth file



Water Quality

Kentucky Water Quality, with USGS streamflow data (M)  --  teacher guide, worksheet, Google Earth file


World Wonders

An Exploration of the Ancient, Modern, and New World Wonders (M,H) -- worksheet, Google Earth file



Google Moon/Mars/Sky

Google Moon - Apollo 11, Meteor Crater and Biosphere 2 (M) -- teacher guide, worksheet, no Google file necessary

Google Sky Scavenger Hunt (M) -- worksheet, no Google file necessary
     Two additional Google Sky activities can be found in this PDF file


These exercises require students to complete mathematical calculations but can be applied in several disciplines

What A Tombstone Can Tell Us (late E, M) - An exploration of tombstones from cemeteries in the United States and its territories.  Students perform basic algebra to calculate the latitude and longitude of the cemeteries they must visit.  Data are acquired by reading the months, days, years, and ages from tombstones.  Extension questions are included in the teacher's guide for cross-curricular applications.  teacher guide, worksheet,Google Earth file

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