Take An Earth and Space Science QUEST!

A QUEST is a journey in Google Earth that allows the user to explore while Questioning and Understanding Earth and Space science Themes.  Created by undergraduate students at Penn State Brandywine, Earth and Space QUESTs are designed for middle school students, high school students, and the general public.  Each QUEST provides scientifically accurate information presented in a geographic context to enhance several literacies.

QUESTs vary in their format.  Click on any name under the "Book Titles" category to the right to view the nonfiction books we have created into tours in Google Earth.  Each book tour comes with a list of terms, locations, and critical thinking questions.  Visit our K-12 page to review various guided-inquiry exercises for Google Earth, Google Moon, and Google Sky.

To view the QUESTs, be sure you have downloaded the free version of Google Earth (link to download page).

QUEST logo designed by Alexis Bennett

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