2012 GSA and AGU

Workshop and sessions for Fall 2012 GSA and AGU meetings

American Geophysical Union

ED040: Undergraduate Geoscience Research Highlights
This poster session will bring together undergraduate student presenters with faculty co-authors to highlight undergraduate research experiences in Earth and space science, geoscience, and geophysics. Students from community colleges to research institutions, from the freshman through senior years are encouraged to disseminate their original ongoing and completed projects. The session is co-sponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research-Geoscience Division and the American Geophysical Union.

Geological Society of America

T57. Building a Professional Portfolio through Hands-On Research Activities in the Geosciences: Focusing on Early Involvement of Undergraduate and K-12 Students (Posters)
GSA Geology and Society Division; Council on Undergraduate Research; GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division; GSA Geoscience Education Division
Nazrul I. Khandaker, Stanley Schleifer
This session is open to faculty mentors and students interested in general geology and environmental topics that warrant field, computational, and laboratory-based data as part of their research tools. Domestic and international geoscience-related issues are highly welcome.
Geoscience Education | Geoscience Information/Communication | Environmental Geoscience

T68. Undergraduate Research as Teaching Practice
Council on Undergraduate Research
Patricia Manley, Jeff Ryan, Edward C. Hansen
This session will deal with educational aspects of undergraduate research ranging from assessments of the pedagogical effectiveness of different approaches, mentoring students, and the nuts and bolts of setting up and doing research with students.
Geoscience Education

GSA Short Course

520. Getting Started in Undergraduate Research for New and Future Faculty.
Sat., 3 Nov., 1-5 p.m. US$25. Limit: 20. CEU: 0.4.
Cosponsor: Council on Undergraduate Research Geosciences Division.
Lydia Fox, University of the Pacific.

This workshop is for faculty and postdoctoral scientists/graduate students.  Topics will focus on integrating research practices into the classroom, scaling projects for students, effective approaches to mentoring undergraduate researchers, identifying funding sources.  Based on the demographics of our participants, we may also include information on how to get a job at an academic institution where undergraduate research is required/emphasized.