Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Untouched, by National Geographic

The [geologic] Creation of Yellowstone National Park (video link on History Channel)

Also from Science Bulletins - Yellowstone: Yellowstone National Park is a Volcano, Signs of Restlessness, A Hotspot Trail

From the Discovery Channel - Supervolcano
The BBC website on the Supervolcano docudrama
The USGS comments on the Supervolcano docudrama

Super volcano, by National Geographic (46 minute video)

From National Geographic... it Yellowstone erupted today, could we survive?

From National Geographic... what would a volcanic super eruption at Yellowstone look like?

National Park Service, Yellowstone National Park (link)
     Wildland Fire, Yellowstone National Park (link) (link)
     Volcano Questions & Answers, Yellowstone National Park (link)
USGS Yellowstone Volcano Observatory (link)
New York Times article - Visitors back after 1988 fire (link) article - Yellowstone (link)

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