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You may want to start with the online series, "What's a PUBLIC LAND, Anyway?" by the Public Lands Information Center. 
, from The National Parks: America's Best Idea (a Ken Burns film) (backup link

The story of our national parks is a long and complicated one, full of competing demands between utterly American impulses - between preservation and exploitation, the sacred and the profitable; between the immediate desires of one generation and its obligation and promise to the next. THIS IS AMERICA is a complete 45-minute film that tells the story of the national park idea through the prism of our nation's diverse population, weaving together stories of extraordinary people from a wide variety of backgrounds who devoted their lives to the national park ideal - to preserve and protect these special places for everyone, for all time - and helped it broaden and evolve over the course of 150 years.

Explore these two important people and their significant campfire conversation.
     Theodore Roosevelt
          Links from PBS, About the Presidents, The Theodore Roosevelt Association
     John Muir
          Links from PBS, A John Muir Biography, A Sierra Club Biography of John Muir


Public Lands Information Center (link)
National Public Lands Day (link) (YouTube Channel)
National Park Service (link) and Valley Forge National Historical Park (link)
National Wildlife Refuge System (link1, PDF file) and John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge (link)
Pennsylvania State Parks (link) and Ridley Creek State Park (link)

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