Facebook and its facial recognition software

Facebook as been constantly upgrading the features on its network. One of the network's most recent addition is the implementation of a facial recognition software, which makes "tagging" or labeling pictures of individuals easier for users. During this "tagging" process Facebook's facial recognition software learns more about an individual's identity, which is then stored in the network database.

Is creating this database an invasion of a Facebook user's privacy? And does this pose any security threats for users?  Listen to the podcast, and view the collection of supporting resources.  Access podcast transcript (PDF file)

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June 10, 2011 - ABC Nightline, Facebook in your face: new facial recognition feature raises a few eyebrows (LINK to article and video source)
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December 6, 2010, PCWorld - Facebook adds facial recognition to make photo tagging easier (LINK)

June 7, 2011, CNET - Facebook quietly rolls out facial-recognition tool (LINK)

June 8, 2011, PCWorld - Facebook facial recognition: security firm issues alert (LINK)

August 3, 2011, The Guardian - Facebook facial recognition software violates privacy laws, says Germany (LINK)