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Incoming freshmen joined current Penn State students on July 14, 2007, to engage in community service at two sites in Philadelphia - Philabundance and Eliza Shirley House.

Philabundance works to end hunger and malnutrition in the Delaware Valley by rescuing surplus food and distributing it to local organizations serving people in need.

Eliza Shirley House is an emergency shelter facility with two missions: to provide short term lodging, meals and immediate needs to displaced families, city wide on weekday nights and over holidays and weekends; and to provide longer term residential counseling, social work and referral services to homeless single and pregnant women 18 or older, 365 days a year.


*A year-long collection drive. Donations can be dropped off in the Office of Student Life.

The Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness (PCEH) was established by a group of Center City Philadelphians to examine ways to stem the tide of homelessness. PCEH has employs a three-pronged strategy to eliminate homelessness in Philadelphia: a day center, street outreach, and advocacy and community education. The toiletries are needed for fresh showers, one of the immediate services for homeless individuals intended to help them maintain self-respect and make progress in overcoming their personal struggles with homelessness.

Items needed for the Day Center
Please note that the PCEH would appreciate travel-sized items of the following:
Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand & body lotions, deodorant, disposable razors

Did you know…
PCEH is the only organization in Philadelphia concerned exclusively with ending homelessness and does not accept government funding.
PCEH has a stock of men's dress attire in case someone needs a suit for a job interview. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression.


*A year-long collection drive. Donations can be dropped off in the Office of Student Life.

The Overseas Coupon Program serves military families by assisting you to forward "manufacturer's coupons" to overseas military bases. These bundles of coupons are placed on tables, at the PX and Commissary, or handed out for use by military members and families on base. This helps the family save valuable dollars and stretch their budget.

Did you know...
The average Sunday newspaper contains approximately $125 worth of coupons!

We ask that the coupons are clipped from the flyers as close to the dotted lines as possible. This will significantly decrease the amount of postage required to send them, as most coupon circulars contain about 90% waste.

To date, the campus has contributed $5,835.70 worth of coupons!


*A year-long collection drive. Donations can be dropped off in the Office of Student Life.

Campbell's Labels for Education is a school fundraising program. By saving and redeeming product labels and proofs of purchase schools can earn FREE educational merchandise, such as computers, software, sports equipment, musical instruments, library books and even a minivan. We select a different school in Delaware County each year to donate these points.
The online listing of eligible products can be found at their website.


2) Box Tops for Education


*A year-long collection drive. Donations can be dropped off in the Office of Student Life.

The Box Tops for Education program began in 1996, and over $125 million has been donated to K-8 schools. Box Top is a coupon worth 10 cents. The schools are allowed to do what they want with the funds they raise through Box Tops for Education. Schools have bought books, computers, playground equipment, and even thrown classroom parties. We select a different school in Delaware County each year to donate these points. The list of participating products grows all the time. To see the most up-to-date list of products, visit their website.


*A year-long collection drive. Donations can be dropped off in the Office of Student Life.

The Penn State Brandywine campus began collecting soda can pull-tabs for the Philadelphia and Wilmington Ronald McDonald Houses in 2002. The House provides cooking and sleeping accommodations for families that have children in Philadelphia-area hospitals and in Wilmington (DuPont Children’s Hospital). The pull tabs help offset the costs for operating the House.

Why pull tabs?
The Ronald McDonald House recycles the aluminum tabs, selling them to a scrap metal dealer, which generates cash for the House operating budget. In Philadelphia, the House receives 20% of the operating expenses from the Ronald McDonald Charities of the Philadelphia region, but they must find ways to raise the remaining 80%. Collecting pull tabs is a simple yet successful way to raise funds.

Did you know...

To date, more than 10 million families with sick children have called Ronald McDonald House a “home-away-from-home,” saving them over $120 million in housing and meal costs.
The very first Ronald McDonald House was the Philadelphia house, a result of the efforts of former Philadelphia Eagles football player Fred Hill.

For additional information about the program, see the Ronald McDonald Charities website.


Pennsylvania State University has a unique academic minor in the field of civic and community engagement. The purpose of the minor is to allow students to take the content knowledge from their academic major and integrate a skill set so that they can become an engaged citizenry.

Penn State Delaware County is one of the campuses that offers the minor. In the minor, we have students explore the themes of democracy, ethics, communication, and assessment. We prepare students to go beyond volunteering in making a difference in the local to global community.

For additional information about the minor, please visit the CIVCM website or email Dr. Laura Guertin, campus CIVCM coordinator and co-chair of the intercollege minor for CIVCM.

Pride in Our Heritage, Strength in Our Future… of Philanthropy

Part of The Pennsylvania State University’s land grant mission is to serve the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Penn State has an outstanding history of working with the community and making significant contributions to the education and quality of life of those in Pennsylvania and beyond. In fact, Penn State has recently established an academic minor in civic and community engagement.

We are hosting “40 Acts of Kindness and Civic Engagement” during the 40 year anniversary of the campus. The campus has always engaged students, faculty and staff with volunteering opportunities throughout the academic year. But the 40th anniversary allows us to highlight the diversity of events and engage the community to work with Penn State to more effectively serve the sections of our population with identified needs. The 40 Acts will include hands-on projects on campus and in the community. Collection drives of materials needed will be conducted. Civic speakers will come to campus to discuss the meaning of engaging in public service. In essence, we are hosting a range of events so there will be “something for everyone.”

By connecting some of our regular community service activities with the 40th anniversary celebrations, we will not only promote the civic spirit in volunteers but build upon the principles and foundation of Penn State.

Listen to our podcast that introduces the upcoming year of our 40 Acts!

40 Acts of Kindness and Civic Engagement Committee: Dr. Laura Guertin, Dava Murray, Renee Lutz
Email: community@de.psu.edu