1269th Engineer Combat Battalion

Color Guard of the 1269th being inspected by Colonel Carew, CO of the 1131st Engineer Combat Regiment.


The 1269th, in its brief existence, was a microcosm of WW II fighting units of the U.S. Army.  Young men in their teens and serious-minded older men in their 20s and early 30s, all came together with little in common to be molded by intense training and iron discipline into an effective team.  A few months of basic training sufficed, just barely, to forge a cohesive unit with rudimentary wartime skills.

A French woman offering wine to our column marching from the dock at Marseille exclaimed: "My god, they're children!"  But not for long: Hard experience in the mountains of southern France came soon, continuing through the Rhine crossing and into the mountains of southern Germany.

Now looking back on life-changing experiences in the 1269th ECB some sixty years later, we remember friends and what we did together.

A history of Company A of the 1269th, written by Robert L. Thalhofer, has been published and is available at Xlibris Publishers and at Amazon.com.

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1269th ECB Veterans:
Walter Ackerman, Kenneth C. Adams, Jr., William H. Allison, Leo J. Anderson Sr., Edward S. Bagley, Manning L. Balcom, John H. Boll, Henry Borgman, Eugene P. Brady, Willard D. Bretz Jr., Robert Q. Bussell, Robert S. Collins, Robert W. Day, Clyde E. Lobdill, William C. Lynam, Cecil L. Milliner, Donald J. Moore, Glenn Payne, Robert L. Thalhofer.

Children of Veterans:
David Ackerman, son of Walter Ackerman
Philip C. Adams, son of Kenneth C. Adams
Cynthia E. Ayers, daughter of Oliver W. McAfee
Ron H. Rader, son of Alvin C. Rader
David Richard, son of Burbank Richard
Dovie Scism, daughter of Clay Moses

Grandchildren of Veterans:
Kevin M. Fox, grandson of Donald J. Moore
Doug Nordeman, grandson of Hoyt Nordeman
Michael Peterson, grandson of James A. Taylor
Montie Scott, grandson of Ivan Sexton

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Christopher C. Leary (original website implementation)
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