Non-U. S. Roller Coaster Patents

Not all interesting technology gets patented in the United States. Here are links to some additional patents and applications for which I have not found U. S. equivalents. Only patents related to roller coaster technology are included. For the most part, only recent patents are included. This list is extremely incomplete and is likely to stay that way. My annotations are very sketchy, since I do not read the languages in which many of these patents were published. I have only shown a single patent from each class of equivalents, giving preference to those in English even if other versions are earlier.

These patents are provided via the European Patent Office's esp@cenet server. The links provided below are to pages containing summary information, usually including an English abstract. Links from those pages lead to pdf images of most patents.

In addition to the patents in the table below, many additional patents can be located on the EPO server, including U.S. patents issued since about 1920. Unlike on the USPTO server, U. S. patents can be searched using title words, although the short and uninformative titles of many U. S. patents substantially negate the utility of this approach. However, some patents accessible through the EPO server lack the bibliographic information necessary for their retrieval.

Non-U.S. Roller Coaster-Related Patents and Patent Applications

application number publication date inventor/ assignee document title [comment]
GB1894/24045 5/1895 Pitt A new railway for recreation [pyramidical railway]
GB1894/11118 6/1895 Eachus An improvement in railways for recreation [suspended]
GB1895/08204 2/1896 Nelson Improvements connected with railways for recreation [spiral]
GB1895/22685 11/1896 Pitt Improvements in railways for recreation [spiral, portable]
GB1898/09992 10/1898 Erath & Violi Improvements in cars or vehicles for switch-back railways
GB1898/11655 5/1899 Leroy Improvements in or connnected with aerial railways [with cable lift]
GB1899/21798 10/1900 Ramsdell Improvements in apparatus known as "roller coasters" for recreative purposes
GB1902/03634 3/1902 Crist An improved arrangement of railway for recreation [vertical loop]
GB1904/12501 7/1904 Kirten & Terry Improvements in railways for recreation and amusement [spiral descent]
GB1904/17604 9/1904 Dymond Improvements in amusement apparatus [gravity dark ride]
GB1906/14159 4/1907 Bishop & Down An improved tobogganing apparatus
GB1907/11130 1/1908 Bishop & Down Improvements in amusement apparatus of the gravity railway type
GB1907/28704 8/1908 Thewlis Improvements in or relating to gravity railways for recreation purposes [dragon swallowing car]
GB1907/26597 9/1908 Shelton Improvements in or connected with recreation gravity railways [portable, suspended]
GB1907/20778 9/1908 Kiralfy Improvements in or relating to gravity railways and similar amusement apparatus
GB1908/10074 10/1908 Bland & Lake Improvements in apparatus for recreation and amusement [portable, spiral; with elevator lifts]
GB1908/26007 2/1909 Macfarlane Improvements in switchback cars and the like [seat within rolling sphere]
GB1908/11149 5/1909 Pickard Improvements in or relating to "figure eight," "switchback" or similar railways
GB1909/03676 12/1909 Zimmer An improved railway for recreation
GB1909/22288 7/1910 Simmons & Wilkie Improvements in railways for recreation
GB1910/14424 2/1911 Butler A new or improved aerial railway for recreation or amusement purposes [spiral suspended]
GB1910/16937 6/1911 Melliss Improved scenic or like railway and means for operating and controlling same
GB1912/01169 1/1913 Crean Improvements in or relating to scenic mountain and like railways and passenger cars used in connection therewith [standup cars; ski illusion]
GB1912/22998 3/1913 Bouracier & Bouracier A car for use on overhead railways used in connection with amusement apparatus [suspended]
GB174810 2/1922 Boughey & Quick Improvements in or relating to switch-back and other amusement railways [rotating car]
GB306647 2/1929 Turner Improvements in or relating to railways, tracks, round-abouts and like devices for amusement purposes [gap-jumping illusion]
GB329789 5/1930 Bradshaw Improvements in passenger-carrying amusement apparatus
GB444441 3/1936 Hayashi Improvements in passenger carrying cars for use on amusement rides [with on-car braking means]
GB532733 1/1941 Burton Improvements in or relating to fittings for use in the erection of frameworks, scaffolding and other structures
GB532734 1/1941 Burton Improvements in or relating to tubular and other metal scaffolding and like structures
GB820380 9/1959 Baudrier & Drouet Improvements in or relating to fairground roundabouts [portable steel roller coaster track in the form of a triangular monorail]
GB932359 7/1963 Codona Track and bogie for use in switchback railways and the like
GB2109252 6/1983 Okamoto/ Meisho Roller coaster apparatus
WO8400899 3/1984 Okamoto/ Meisho Loop-the-loop roller coaster [Moonsault Scramble]
NL8902224 4/1991 ---/ Vekoma Amusement device [parallel corkscrews]
SU1725747 4/1992 Gnezdilov Attraction [roller coaster: track and support system]
WO9213617 8/1992 Gnezdilov Attraction [roller coaster with loop]
SU1831361 7/1993 Gnezdilov Side-show [roller coaster]
SU1837921 8/1993 Gnezdilov Attraction [roller coaster]
JP6000254 1/1994 Terasawa/ NKK Suspension type roller coaster facility
JP7155474 6/1995 Nishikawa/ Denki Koji Nishikawagumi Roller coaster [structure in form of dinosaur skeleton]
NL9401360 4/1996 Houben/ Vekoma Amusement device
NL9401366 4/1996 Houben/ Vekoma Amusement device
JP9117570 5/1997 Sagara & Tsuruta/ Kajima Roller coaster [suspended and conventional coasters sharing common track structure]
JP9248385 9/1997 Yanase & Tamura/ Kajima Tractor for test run for roller coaster
WO9825678 6/1998 Morgan & George/ Skytrak Transport apparatus
WO9836811 8/1998 Proske/ Giovanola Installation for public amusement of the roller coaster type
NL1006651C 1/1999 Houben/ Vekoma Amusement device with at least one carriage movable over elongated track [linear motor lauch]
WO9904875 2/1999 Houben/ Vekoma Amusement device [Hammerhead Stall]
WO9922831 5/1999 Clerx & Peeters/ Vekoma An amusement device [Flying coaster]
WO9934890 7/1999 Wiegand Leisure sports equipment [Alpine Coaster]
DE19809641 9/1999 Walser/ ABC Engineering Pleasure railway, especially for fun-fairs and amusement parks [shuttle with vertical spikes]
DE19816768 11/1999 Behringer/ Mack Pleasure park or fun fair roller-coaster car transport system [vertical lift]
CH689857 12/1999 Bolliger/ Bolliger & Mabillard Funfair roller coaster circuit [vertical drop into tunnel]
JP2000061147 2/2000 Kano/ Hitachi Checking vehicle for roller coaster and check system using the same
WO0006274 2/2000 Wilhelmus/ Vekoma An amusement device as well as a luggage handling device suitable for being used with such an amusement device
JP2000168553 6/2000 Morimoto/ Senyo Braking device for roller coaster
WO0035723 6/2000 Peeters & Van Ophoven/ Vekoma A restraining device as well as a vehicle fitted with such a restraining device
GB2348376 10/2000 Eiraku/ Hoei Sangyo A roller coaster with freely rotating seats
JP2001000750 1/2001 Eiraku/ Hoei Sangyo Roller coaster [hoisting loop]
RU2162038 1/2001 Gnezdilov Vehicle stop [anti-rollback?]
WO0108769 2/2001 Saiko et al Amusement device similar to a roller-coaster
RU2165365 4/2001 Gnezdilov Device for fastening passenger on vehicle seat; device for fastening two passengers on vehicle seats
JP2001120842 5/2001 Matsumoto/ Masago Kogyo Roller coaster [vertical lift]
RU2169091 6/2001 Gnezdilov Vehicle bogie [for coaster]
RU2170131 7/2001 Gnezdilov Entertainment hill [inverted coaster]
WO0168209 9/2001 Clerx/ Vekoma Amusement device [improved prone or supine restraint system]
JP2002018145 1/2002 Amamiya & Eiraku/ Fuji Kyuoko & Hoei Sangyo Suspension type roller coaster [Birdmen]
RU2179124 2/2002 Gnezdilov Vehicle guide track (versions)
RU2179937 2/2002 Gnezdilov Vehicle guide track
RU2181087 4/2002 Gnezdilov Vehicle guide track
EP1201280 5/2002 Bolliger & Mabillard Installation for amusement park, known as roller-coaster [mechanism for loading flying-type coaster]
FR2815908 5/2002 Trouve/ Parc Asterix Shock absorbing wheel e.g. for roller coaster
RU2182199 5/2002 Gnezdilov Guide track for vehicle [track construction]
RU2182836 5/2002 Gnezdilov Gravity hump [shuttle loop]
RU2183976 6/2002 Gnezdilov Rolling hillock [support construction for vertical loop]
WO02085478 10/2002 Shepherd et al Amusement ride
WO02088469 11/2002 Gnezdilov Guideway for transport means [track structures]
DE10135365 1/2003 Stückl et al/ Maurer Rollercoaster with jack
DE10135366 1/2003 Fehsenmayr et al/ Maurer Rollercoaster with drop rail
DE10135367 1/2003 Stollwerck et al/ Maurer Rollercoaster with folding rail
DE10135368 1/2003 Fehsenmayr et al/ Maurer Rollercoaster with tilting rail
WO03009914 2/2003 Distelrath et al/ Maurer Amusement device [trick track features such as dropping or tilting rail]
RU2198713 2/2003 Gnezdilov Rolling hill [track construction for roller coaster]
RU2204641 5/2003 Gnezdilov Guide track for vehicle
RU2205113 5/2003 Gnezdilov et al Magnetic brake
WO03047711 6/2003 Walser Roller coaster
RU2209649 8/2003 Gnezdilov Rolling switchback [roller coaster]
RU2211069 8/2003 Gnezdilov Switchback (versions) [loop elements]
DE20307868 9/2003 ---/ Maurer Roller coaster car guiding apparatus
DE20306748 10/2003 ---/ Maurer Mechanism for the guidance of rail-bound vehicles
RU2211069 8/2003 Gnezdilov Switchback (versions) [loop elements]
WO03082421 10/2003 Threlkel Amusement ride [seats rotatable about multiple axes]
RU2211069 8/2003 Gnezdilov Switchback (versions) [loop elements]
RU2216376 10/2003 Gnezdilov Switchback [shuttle loop with vertical spike]
RU2218200 12/2003 Gnezdilov Attractions (modifications) [shuttle loop]
RU2218965 12/2003 Gnezdilov Seat for attraction
RU2218966 12/2003 Gnezdilov Switchback, attraction drive [for shuttle loop]
DE10245060 4/2004 Beutler & Stollwerk/ Maurer Variable amusement apparatus
DE10245148 4/2004 Müller & Stollwerck/ Maurer Discontinuous track for amusement device
DE10245150 4/2004 Beutler et al/ Maurer Interactive amusement device
DE20300534U 5/2004 ---/ Raw Tex Amusement device
DE10256340 6/2004 Wiegand Amusement device with closed-circuit track [coaster with multiple lift regions]
WO2004073818 9/2004 Roodenburg & Clerx/ Vekoma Amusement device [Motorbike Coaster]
RU2236274 9/2004 Gnezdilov Rolling hill
NL1023253C 10/2004 Roodenburg & Holtman/ Vekoma Amusement ride with track construction
DE10321696 12/2004 Mueller & Beutler/ Maurer Modular trackway with elevated station
RU2292226 1/2005 Gnezdilov Method for manufacture and mounting of guiding path and guiding path section
RU2243806 1/2005 Gnezdilov Switchback (versions) [movable seats]
RU2248830 1/2005 Gnezdilov Rolling switchback
DE20314975U 2/2005 ---/ Raw Tex Support device for amusement devices
RU2282474 2/2005 Gnezdilov Attraction
RU2248829 3/2005 Gnezdilov Seat for attraction
CH694800 7/2005 Bolliger & Mabillard Device for restraining passengers, seats comprising such a device, and park attraction comprising such a seat
WO2005099847 10/2005 Cummins Amusement ride
EP1593415 11/2005 Mueller & Beutler/ Maurer Amusement ride and method for operating the same
EP1607122 12/2005 Löwenthal Vehicle for fairground rides [enclosed]
EP1618933 1/2006 Müller & Gettert/ Maurer Security system for a passenger transportation means and amusement rides
EP1676609 7/2006 Bolliger/ Bolliger & Mabillard Roller coaster installation, vehicle and a hydrodynamic brake therefor
RU2282475 8/2006 Gnezdilov Rolling switchback [pivoting seat]
RU2282476 8/2006 Gnezdilov Rolling switchback (versions) [compact layout]
RU2283157 9/2006 Gnezdilov Rolling switchback [seat arrangement facilitating passenger photos]
EP1721647 11/2006 Roodenburg & Clerx/ Vekoma Amusement device [rescue carriage]
RU2293586 2/2007 Gnezdilov Switchback [rotating seats]
WO2007055572 5/2007 Roodenburg & Clerx/ Vekoma Vehicule for an amusement device [inclined swinging axis]
RO121412 5/2007 Buse Roller coaster [in form of mobius strip]
WO2007136245 11/2007 Blonk & Roodenburg/ Vekoma Amusement ride device [standup restraint system]
DE102007009708 9/2008 Braun [System for creating broken-rail illusion in an amusement ride]
EP1985345 10/2008 Köckeis & Murr/ Zierer Method and device for determining the velocity of rides
RU2337024 10/2008 Gnezdilov Vehicle guide way
RU2338569 11/2008 Gnezdilov Ride slide
DE102007047289 12/2008 Fischer Seat system for leisure facilities
WO2009005337 1/2009 Roodenburg & Philippen/ Vekoma Amusement device seat assembly
WO2009006480 1/2009 Jacobi & Checketts/ S & S Worldwide Longitudinally spinning suspension roller coaster [Free Fly]
WO2009008699 1/2009 Roodenburg & Clerx/ Vekoma Amusement ride installation [launch system]
DE102007039730 2/2009 Beutler/ Maurer Attraction for pleasure parks, folk festivals and the like
DE202008015204 3/2009 Walser Mechanism for the acceleration of a vehicle of a pleasure device [lift in form of spiral bowl]
DE102007052995 5/2009 Cordes Procedure for laying a wood rail for an amusement ride, in particular for a roller coaster, and wood rail for this purpose
DE202009001966 6/2009 ---/ Maurer Amusement ride [curved launch; no drawings included]
WO2009100838 8/2009 Spieldiener & Spieldiener/ Raw Tex Tractive drive and tractive method for vehicles
DE202009008256 1/2010 Schumacher Track elements
EP2156870 2/2010 Burger et al/ Mack Rollercoaster with truss-like rail elements
DE202010008641 11/2011 ---/ Walser Device for transporting vehicles of a track-guided amusement ride
EP2253362 11/2010 Beutler/ Maurer Amusement ride
EP2298426 3/2011 Beutler/ Maurer Ride with different seat variants [floorless and conventional seats in each row]
EP2357028 8/2011 Wiegand Eddy current brake for a toboggan which is guided along the path and a toboggan run with such an eddy current brake
WO2011113932 9/2011 Spieldiener/ Raw Tex Amusement device [movable seats for each passenger]
DE202011102869 10/2011 Dieckmann Protection apparatus and vehicle for an amusement ride [for passenger in wheelchair]
DE102012013383 10/2012 Eberhard Transportable wild mouse roller coaster with additional track section
CN103505878 1/2014 Chen & Liu/ Golden Horse Rail-changing aligning structure of recreation facility
FR3000407 7/2014 Thirault/ SAMC Avia Entertainment device such as balancing platform, for circuit roller coaster
GB2512332 10/2014 McMorrow/ Fairfield Control Systems Fairground amusement rides [control system]
AT514696 3/2015 ---/ Mountain Systems Toboggan for a summer toboggan run
DE102014101007 3/2015 Somik & Gordt/ Mack Device for the modification of the driving direction of a rail-bound vehicle, rail-bound roundabout with such a device and procedure for the operation of such a device
WO2015040194 3/2015 Zamperla A vehicle for amusement rides using pressurized gas to launch it
WO2015040195 3/2015 Zamperla Amusement device
DE102013220067 4/2015 Burger/ Mack Track system for amusement ride, in particular for a roller coaster or overhead conveyor
WO2015073998 5/2015 Kitchen & Schilke Tracks and drive for a tower ride

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