Welcome to my Grid help section. This section is designed to allow both step-by-step learning and quick-reference of how to create, submit, monitor and control batch jobs written in Fortran or IDL though the Solaris ONE Grid Engine.

Below you will see an outline of the key topics discussed on this site. After discussing the idea of Grid and some of its terminology, step-by-step instructions will be given on how to submit a Fortran job, an IDL job, an IDL job that calls a Fortran function and another job that "passes" input/output from IDL to Fortran and then back to IDL. Instructions on how to create cshell scripts, batch files, and how to use QMON (the graphical interface of Grid) are also included.

To access a quick reference sheet with SGE options, commands, etc., visit the "cheat sheet" link below.

Here you will find a tarball of the required source codes for all examples. It is organised into subdirectories based upon the name of the .html file they are found on. The file is called gsrc.tar and will untar to a directory called gsrc with the command tar xvf gsrc.tar.

To begin taking the step-by-step crash course, click here, or, select a category from the outline below:


Background and Terminology
Getting Started
About QMON
Explanation of the Files Needed For Grid Jobs
Submitting a Fortran Batch Job
Submitting an IDL Batch Job
Submitting an IDL Batch Job That Calls a Fortran Routine (the BLS routine for period finding)
Passing data from IDL to Fortran back to IDL
More Advanced Options

Some Important Notes When Running On The Linux Beowulf Cluster
A "Cheat Sheet" To The SGE: Commands and Options

Official Sun ONE Grid Engine v5.3 Administration and User's Guide

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