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If you are looking for the Reeflighting website, it is located at www.reeflightinginfo.arvixe.com

Update (4/4/2004) Added complete listing with links to all my reef related publications.

Update (2/15/2003) Pictures of the tank added here

I tore down my tank in fall 2001 and have now redone it and started it up again. The tank had become too overgrown and showing signs of age and laziness related effects. The biggest change in my new set up is that I drilled the tank and added in 2 closed circulation loops, and have decieded to do this tank starting from tank raised coral and frags. The rock layout is a lot more open to allow for better water flow. Also, I switched to using 10000K Ushio lamps and eliminated the actincs. Also added in PFO reflectors. To see the pictures of the tank in Jan/Feb/March 2002 go here.

Aquarium Life Under a Microscope - Pictures of Cyanobacteria, copepods and other life that we found when looking under a microscope.

Update (7/1/01) Photo gallery of Penn State's 500G Reef Aquarium that I manage.

Update (5/1/01): "Spectral Analysis of Metal Halide Lamps - Do Ballasts Make a Difference," 2001 Annual Marine Fish and Reef USA, Fancy Publications.

Finally, I have some new pics of my tanks. Thanks to Rich Knecht for driving up from Philly to take the pics. Also included are some pictures from the reef tank at Penn State University. Follow these links to go directly to the new pictures.

180G New pics (11/14/2000)

55G New pics (11/14/2000)

Penn State tank pics (11/14/2000)

This tank was setup in April 1995 as a primarily SPS coral tank. I started keeping reef tanks since 1991 and after the usual progression of going from a 29G reef to a 55G reef, it seemed like I had acquired enough confidence to plunge into a large 180G reef. The 55G reef has now become a soft coral tank, and a coral orphanage and rescue aquarium.

Although my family and friends think reefs are my full time passion, I do have a real job as a Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Penn State University. If you are curious to know more about my professional side, click here,

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