Associate Professor of Finance
Smeal College of Business
The Pennsylvania State University

Office Phone: 814-863-5456
Mail: 348 Business Building, University Park, PA 16802

Peter Iliev


I conduct empirical research in the areas of corporate finance, corporate governance, and financial regulation. I teach corporate finance at the Smeal College of Business.

Most of what you need to know is in my Vita. Here is a PDF Vita and an HTML Vita version.

You can find all my working papers and pre-publication versions of published papers in my author SSRN page.

Look at my Google Scholar page for citation counts.

I wrote a "Finance Job Market Advice" note. The advice is based on my subjective job market experiences and my years as a tenure-track professor.


Appendices tend to disappear. Here are links to appendices that go with some of my published papers:


Corporate finance is an ever-changing environment. I like to peek at the Harvard Law School Governance and Financial Regulation Blog and the Columbia Law Schools Blog on Corporations and Capital Markets.