Michael S. Stryker

Doctoral Candidate
Department of Geography


304 Walker Building
University Park, PA  16802
email:  stryker'at'psu.edu

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GEOG 363: Geographic Information Systems - Spring 2009, 2010 / Fall 2009


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  • Stryker, M., I. Turton, and A. M. MacEachren. 2008.Health GeoJunction: Geovisualization of news and scientific publications to support situation awareness,. GIScience, Park City, Utah.
  • Stryker, M., Roth R. E., 2008.ScaleMaster.org: Illustrating and Constructing the multi-scale mapping process,. GIScience, Park City, Utah.
  • Tomaszewski, B.M., Robinson, A.C., Weaver, C., Stryker, M., and A.M. MacEachren. 2007. Geovisual Analytics and Crisis Management. Proceedings of the 4th International ISCRAM Conference, Delft, Netherlands, May 13-16. Full Paper