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Matthew J. Marr (Ph.D., University of Virginia) specializes in contemporary Peninsular studies, with an emphasis on poetry, fiction, and cinema produced from Spain’s post-Franco transition to democracy through the present.  In examining how literary and filmic texts reflect, promote, and negotiate this period’s dynamic turn toward a culture of pluralism, his scholarship engages with a host of theoretical debates (postmodernism, transnationalism, age and disability studies), topical and methodological interests (humor in poetry, youth countercultures, intertextuality, comparative approaches to the novel), aesthetic trends and movements (“Generation X,” la poesía de la experiencia, social-issue cinema), and authors/filmmakers (among others, Esther Tusquets, Antonio Muñoz Molina, Javier Cercas, José Ángel Mañas, Vicente Gallego, Luis García Montero, Alejandro Amenábar, and Pedro Almodóvar). 

His most recent book, published with Routledge in 2013, is The Politics of Age and Disability in Contemporary Spanish Film: Plus Ultra Pluralism.


Full Curriculum Vitae (PDF)



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Modern Hispanic Short Story: Realism & the Fantastic

Contemporary Spanish Culture & Society in Film

Contemporary Spanish Short Story (Graduate)

Social-Issue Cinema in Contemporary Spain

Modern Mexican Short Story (Puebla Summer Program)

Narrating Memory in the Contemporary Spanish Novel (Graduate)

“Generation X” Literature, Film, & Media in Post-Transition Spain (Graduate)

The Contemporary Hispanic Thriller (College of Liberal Arts First-Year Seminar)

Globalization and Social Conflict in Recent Spanish Cinema (College of Liberal Arts First-Year Seminar) 

Contemporary Spanish Poetry (Graduate)

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