Laurel S. Terry

Harvey A. Feldman Distinguished Faculty Scholar and

Professor of Law, Penn State’s Dickinson Law

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150 S. College St.
Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone: (717) 240 5262
Fax:  (717) 240-5126


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NOTE: Starting in 2015, Penn State will have TWO ABA-accredited law schools. I am based at Penn State’s Dickinson Law in Carlisle.  For more information, see

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·       Resources about Global Legal Practice 

            (This page contains numerous links to help research global legal practice)

·       Selected Presentations (includes PowerPoint slides)

·       Publications

·       Publications (Organized by Topic)

Ø  Global Legal Practice

Ø  GATS and Legal Services

Ø  The CCBE and European Union Regulation of Lawyers

Ø  MDPs (Multidisciplinary Partnerships)

Ø  U.S. Domestic Legal Ethics

Ø  Bologna Process

Ø  Miscellaneous

·       Publications (Organized by Function)

Ø  Transparency” Articles

Ø  Exploration or “Mapping” Articles

Ø  Commentary and “Reflection” Articles

Ø  Reform Proposals

Ø  Teaching-Related Articles

Ø  “Outreach” Articles

Ø  Miscellaneous Articles

·       Terry Submission to the Technical subgroup (TSG) of the Expert Group on International Economic and Social Classifications on behalf of the International Bar Association  [collecting legal services classification systems]

·       Terry Submissions to the ABA MJP (Multijurisdictional Practice) Commission [the last set of entries on the page]

(analyzes 12 global legal practice schemes with respect to: 1) Forms of Association; 2) Scope of Practice; and 3) Ethics and Discipline)

·       Terry Submissions to the ABA MDP (Multidisciplinary Practice) Commission [the last set of entries on the page]

(analyzes the testimony of the ABA MDP Commission witnesses according to issues identified in my “Issues Checklist”)

·       Terry Interview with “Crossing the Bar.Com” about NAFTA, GATS, and the EU Regulation of Lawyers (May and Dec. 2001)(excerpted in Stephen Gillers and Roy Simon, Regulation of Lawyers: Statutes and Standards 2001-2007)

·       Resources about the GATS and Legal Services

·       Resources related to the WTO Working Party on Domestic Regulation  

            (These resources are relevant to the GAT Track #2 “Disciplines” issue)

·       Courses Currently Taught:

Ø  Professional Responsibility

Ø  Global Legal Practice Seminar

Ø  Civil Procedure

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