Sharpening Double Edge Razor Blades


It's no secret I use Ebay quite a bit. It's where I got my first double edged razor, nicest badger brush, and whole bunches of unrelated items. It may take longer than just buying something new, but it's a great source for vintage goods.

While browsing the shaving listings, I kept seeing blade sharpeners, and did a bit of research. From my readings on straight razors, I knew that stropping the blade (running it along a piece of leather, to bring the edge back into alignment) is performed before every use. Straights are usually honed (rubbed on stones to renew the edge) every six months to yearly or less. Thus, stropping a double edge blade should extend its lifetime greatly.

I purchased 3 different sharpeners, all for very reasonable sums, and set about testing them to see if they did indeed extend the life of my blades. Now, even expensive blades like Merkurs are only 50 cents each, so it would take quite some time to recoup the cost of a sharpener, but it's fun for me. Also, if it's possible to put a better edge on the blade than it came with, that would be priceless.