Marc Authier

(Ph.D. University of Southern California)

 Associate Professor of French and Linguistics

The Pennsylvania State University

Research Interests:

My main interest is in formal treatments of natural language. Specifically, my research has focused on the syntax and semantics of various linguistic phenomena including anaphora and quantification in such languages as English, French, KiNande (Bantu), Mandarin Chinese, Tamil (Dravidian), and Thai. I also have broader interests in formal logic, mathematical linguistics, and the philosophy of language.

Recent Publications:

Contact Information

Office: Room 329, South Burrowes Building
Phone: (814) 863-9661 (messages at 865-1492)
Fax: (814) 863-1103
Mailing Address:
Department of French and
Program in Linguistics & Applied Language Studies
The Pennsylvania State University
211 Burrowes Building
University Park, PA 16802-6203