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L Aren't I hidden N messages X fun?
Ahh...a little revising of the page every now and then is quite healthy.
Chaos isn't static, you know.
The Itchy and Scratchy Show

Welcome to Chaos Part I

NEW! LOOK!!Someone actually likes my page enough to link hers to mine! Thanks glasgurl! Comming soon: the maze.If you'd like your site to be a part of it, drop me a note.
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gif!Mail to the insane commander in chief
Has he taken down this page yet? This was the brain child of Alex Joffe. (and my only 3 credit A this semester)

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This is a poor example of a welcome page for the Penn State CAC Personal Page Server. The Pennsylvania State University is responsible for making students poorer. insert hidden message here
The Itchy and Scratchy Show

Here's some shi..stuff in case you're interested:

Are you Pagan? Check out PSU's Silver Circle homepage!

Warning, these are truely CAMPY GOGGLE GIRLS!!
It's the NEW SEX PALACE page!!
...And, of course, Jamie's Homepage.

Read with caution.


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