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As you may notice, I work in a fairly corporate business unit of the University
within 5 levels of organization.  We also have a habit of changing names of 
everything.  The tree below shows approximately where I exist in this organization
and where my responsibilities lie.

[-] The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State)
    |  formerly The Farmers High School, Agricultural College of
    | Pennsylvania and The Pennsylvania State College
   [-] Information Technology Services (ITS), 
       |  formerly The Computation Center and Computer and Information Systems (C&IS)
      [-] Administrative Information Services (AIS)
          | formerly the Office of Administrative Systems
         [-] Applied Information Technology (AIT)
             |  formerly Advanced Information Technology; formerly reported to Center for Academic Computing,
             |  Academic Services and Emerging Technologies and Consulting and Support Systems
            [-] Enabling Technologies Group
                | formerly UNIX Systems and Technical Solutions Group
               [-] Jeff D'Angelo - Manager / Research Programmer
                   |  formerly Penn State Computer Science and Engineering
                   |  undergraduate student and Systems Analyst / Programmer
                  [+] MIT Kerberos maintenance and updates: Supervise staff and perform
                   |  technical research, development and management of Penn State's central
                   |  authentication system, including security analysis, performance
                   |  analysis and application development.  Currently performance testing
                   |  University of Michigan replication with MIT's variant of Sun
                   |  Microsystem's incremental propagation.
                  [+] Penn State Directory Service: Supervise staff and perform technical
                   |  research, development and management of Penn State's central LDAP-based
                   |  directory service.  Current research projects include team redesign of
                   |  data management software, redesign of account groups including support
                   |  for group nesting, persuit of InCommon Silver certification,
                   |  integration with new IAM project person affiliations, and continuous
                   |  integration support with various 3rd party applications.  Future
                   |  projects may include departmental customer translucent overlays service
                   |  for customizing user attributes to unit systems.
                  [+] PASS: 2008 DFS to GPFS Migration Project technical lead; Responsible
                   |  for management of service provisioning, system technical analysis,
                   |  research and development.  Previous principal developer of
                   |  discretionary security mechanisms and interfaces, quota management, and
                   |  lead application developer; now group supervisor and secondary
                   |  developer.
                  [+] Web hosting services: Supervise staff and previously personally
                   |  responsible for configuration and upgrades to various Web servers
                   |  including www.psu.edu, www.personal.psu.edu, www.courses.psu.edu,
                   |  www.clubs.psu.edu, www.dept.psu.edu, and over 70 virtually hosted web
                   |  hosts for various units, log management and other related services.
                  [+] Dynamic Content Application Engines: Supervise 
		   |  staff and previously personally responsible for 
                   |  developing scalably secure systems to deliver dynamic
                   |  Web content from individual Penn State students, staff and 
                   |  faculty; student organizations; courses; departments, 
                   |  colleges and other units; and various projects of the 
                   |  University's Web sites.  Development continues on providing
                   |  relational database access and account management tools.
                  [+] Penn State Search Engine: Previously responsible
                   |  for configuration and management of Penn State's primary search engine,
                   |  search.psu.edu, which was:
                   |  - 2003-2006 a Google Search Appliance model GB-5005, version 3.x
                   |  - 2006-2009 a Google Search Appliance model GB-5005, version 4.x
                   |  - 2009-2010 redundant, load balanced Google Search Appliances model GB-7007, version 5.x
                   |  - since replaced by a Google Site Search (managed by another unit)
                  [+] AIT Linux and Solaris Systems Administration manager: Supervise staff
                   |  and perform tertiary 22/7/365 support of AIT's Linux, Solaris and
                   |  VMware based infrastructure.  Used to also manage Windows team.
                  [+] Active Directory and Windows Update services: Supervise staff
                   |  and perform tertiary 22/7/365 support and management of an Active
                   |  Directory service which uses an external trust to the MIT Kerberos
                   |  realm for authentication. [ Supervisor duty passed to another manager in 2012 ]
                  [+] Unix support: Provide email support for the ITS UNIX
                   |  Cluster, install and maintain software.
                  [-] Various account and UNIX systems management applications
                   |  |
                   | [+] CACTUS perl scripts: perform changes to DFS GPFS such as
                   |  |  creating/deleting filesets (PASS home folders), setting
                   |  |  quota, linking PASS space www folders to the Personal
                   |  |  Web server, etc
                   |  |
                   | [+] DFS GPFS (PASS) maintenance and monitoring scripts
                   |  |
                   | [+] Various directory (LDAP, AD) management applications written in C, Perl.
                   |  |
                   | [+] dcerchacl: a recursive DCE/DFS (PASS) ACL tool
                   |  |
                   | [+] pacl (PASS Access Control List tool): A recursive command 
                   |     line permissions tool capable of setting NFSv4 based GPFS
                   |     (PASS) permissions using simplified permission types,
                   |     service provision specific templates and compound operations
                   |     using a shared compiled C library.
                  [-] Specific Web applications: Responsible for maintenance of,
                   |  | and in some cases written, the following:
                   |  |
                   | [+] PASS File Permissions Manager: a Web-based permissions 
                   |  |  manager (wizard) based on pacl available through the
                   |  |  PASS Explorer.
                   |  |
                   | [+] Student Organization Web Service Management System
                   |  |  https://admin.clubs.psu.edu/
                   |  |
                   | [+] Google Search Appliance Custom Search Results (XSLT) Generator
                   |     http://aset.its.psu.edu/googledocs/custom_style.html Phased 
		   |     out after GSA shutdown in 2010
                  [-] Presentations, courses and other useful artifacts