Description of myself



My name is Ho Hei Man as what is printed in my I-20, but my friends are calling me Sally usually and it will be more friendly and sweet to call me Sally instead. I just turn 18 in this August and I am from Hong Kong which is really far from the United States. It is really interesting to see those shocking faces whenever I told them it took me 20 hours to fly from Hong Kong to Penn State and how many transitions that I needed to take. Although itís far from here, but that is my home and where I have been brought up for the past 18 years.


I am majoring in Geography and up to my understanding, I knew that only a few had picked this as their major and the majority goes to meteorology. I am quite surprised by this fact because Geography is well-known in this university and I expect a lot more students to be in this major. Nevertheless, I really love geography as it is the study of the Earth and its features and of the distribution of life on the earth, including human life and the effects of human activity. I typically like the study of endogenetic forces such as plate tectonics.


My hobbies are reading, playing badminton, swimming, watching TV and also writing Chinese Calligraphy. I bet you have never come across with this term before. It is a traditional art in my country, to do so, I will need a soft writing brush charged with fluid ink, and writing on the paper where the ink will diffuse quickly. Once the brush movement hesitates, a black mark is created, so speed, strength and agility is the essence of fine artwork. I will practice it whenever I need to calm down myself, also to forget all the worries and get to relax after a whole day of work.