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Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA

Ph.D. student in Information Sciences and Technology

Peking University, Beijing, China

M.S. in Intelligence Science, 2007

      Thesis: “Research on Aggregate Queries Over Data Streams” (in Chinese)

Peking University, Beijing, China

B.S. in Computer Science and Technology, 2004

      Thesis: “The Preprocessing of Data Stream in Intensive Care System” (in Chinese)


Teaching Assistant, Penn State University   08/2007 – 05/2009

  1. -Organization of Data, OOD & Software, Language Logic & Discrete Mathematics

Graduate Research Assistant, Peking University      09/2004 - 07/2007

  1. -Participated in the design, implementation of research project regarding hospital information system, and application of data streams


[1] Haibin Liu, Bo Luo, Dongwon Lee: “Location Type Classification Using Tweet Content”, 11th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA), Boca Raton, FL, USA, December 2012

[2] Haibin Liu, Woo-Cheol Kim, Dongwon Lee: “Characterizing Landing Pages in Sponsored Search”, 8th Latin American Web Congress (LA-WEB), Cartagena, Colombia, October 2012

[3] Haibin Liu, Sujatha Das Gollapalli, Dongwon Lee, Prasenjit Mitra, C. Lee Giles: “Using Co-views Information to Learn Lecture Recommendations”, ECML/PKDD Discovery Challenge Workshop, September 2011

[4] Hung-sik Kim, Hau-Wen Chang, Haibin Liu, Jeongkyu Lee, Dongwon Lee: “BIM: Image Matching Using Biological Gene Sequence Alignment”, ICIP 09

[5] Hung-sik Kim, Jeongkyu Lee, Haibin Liu, Dongwon Lee: “Video Linkage: Group Based Copied Video Detection”, ACM Int’l Conf. on Image and Video Retrieval (CIVR), Niagara Falls, Canada, July 2008

[6] Yu Fan, Hongyan Li, Zijing Hu, Jianlong Gao, Haibin Liu, Shiwei Tang, Xinbiao Zhou: “DSEC: A Data Stream Engine Based Clinical Information System”, APWeb 2006: 1168-1172

[7] Zijing Hu, Hongyan Li, Baojun Qiu, Lv-an Tang, Yu Fan, Haibin Liu, Jianlong Gao, Xinbiao Zhou: “Using Control Theory to Guide Load Shedding in Medical Data Stream Management System”, ASIAN 2005: 236-248

[8] Xinbiao Zhou, Hongyan Li, Haibin Liu, Meimei Li, Lv-an Tang, et al: “Monitoring Abnormal Patterns with Complex Semantics over ICU Data Streams”, In Proc. IWICPAS 2006, 185~192


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Haibin Liu

My name is Haibin Liu and I am pursuing my PhD in The College of Information Sciences and Technology at Pennsylvania State University. I am working in PIKE Group under the direction of Dr. Dongwon Lee. My research interests mainly focus on database, including: data mining, data stream, query optimization, information retrieval, and video retrieval.