Hydro-active wood systems

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Project Details

With this study, we intend to formalize the shape-changing behavior of three-dimensional printed wood-based composite materials and extract the rules that serve to compute their shapechange in response to variations in relative humidity.

In this research, we first developed custom three-dimensional printing protocols and analyzed the effects of three-dimensional printing parameters on shape-change. We thereafter three-dimensional printed kirigami geometries to amplify hygroscopic material transformation of woodbased composites.

  • Publications:

    Vazquez, E., Gursoy, B., & Duarte, J. (2019) "Formalizing shape-change: Three-dimensional printed shapes and hygroscopic material transformations." International Journal of Architectural Computing: 1478077119895216.

    Vazquez, E., Gursoy, B., & Duarte, J. (2019) Designing for Shape Change: A Case study on 3D Printing Composite Materials for Responsive Architectures. In Proceedings of the 24th CAADRIA Conference 2, 391-400

  • People: Elena Vazquez, Benay Gursoy, Jose Duarte

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