Navy ERP

    Navy operations have become increasingly varied and complex. Operational systems are aging and Navy leadership is being pressured to reduce costs. The defense budget has been reduced by 40% as well as the size of the armed forces by 36%. It is necessary therefore, to reduce the defense infrastructure as well. To do so, the Navy embarked on an ERP Pilot Program employing a leading industry ERP integrator, Electronic Data Systems (EDS). EDS is working with the Navy to map their current legacy 'As Is' supply/maintenance system, prioritize business processes for reengineering, select a software solution, perform gap analysis, and make a recommendation for a ERP solution supported by a Business Case Analysis (BCA). It is believed the Navy will use the best business practices and processes of the commercial sector where they are appropriate within the enterprise. An ERP solution can offer those best practices and processes. For those unique processes or practices germane to the Navy, if they are not the best, then an ERP approach to reengineer the process to make the best business practice will be applied.

    When commencing on this ERP solution, NAVSUP developed the following strategic recommendations:



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