Daren Wei - PSU Mathematics PhD Student

Daren Wei κ

Welcome to Daren Wei's website!

Personal Information

I got my B.S. in Mathematics and B.S. in Computer Science at Peking University in Beijing in 2014. I am currently a Ph.D. student in Department of Mathematics at the Pennsylvania State University.

My advisors are Professor Anatole Katok and Professor Svetlana Katok.

Research Interests

Dynamical Systems, Ergodic Theory, Slow entropy

Research Papers

My papers on Arxiv

Product of two Kochergin flows with different exponents is not standard (with Adam Kanigowski) to appear in Studia Mathematica

Slow Entropy of Some Parabolic Flows (with Adam Kanigowski, Kurt Vinhage ) submitted

Kakutani Equivalence of Unipotent Flows (with Adam Kanigowski, Kurt Vinhage ) submitted


Fall 2015 - MATH022 - College Algebra

Spring 2016 - MATH022 - College Algebra

Spring 2017 - MATH026 - Trigonometry

Fall 2017 - MATH022 - College Algebra

Spring 2018 - MATH022 - College Algebra


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