The Fall 1998 Issue of Research in the Schools, was a special full issue on Statistical Significance Testing. This issue contained 6 primary papers and 3 follow up comments. The Editors and Publishers of Research in the Schools agreed to have this issue put in a web format. Please follow the link below to the Journal cover page and links to the articles.

Special Issue on Significance Testing

If you have any questions about this Special Issue, please contact the editor ... James McLean

The process for providing these articles was as follows. All the electronic WordPerfect files were converted to Adobe pdf files using Acrobat 4 and then placed on my server. If there are any questions about access to these files or if you have problems with these files, please send a note me ... Dennis Roberts

The Editors and Publishers of Research in the Schools hope that the discussion contained within these articles will be helpful.

NOTE: The bold of heart could download all papers in a master file ... one long continuous file ... by trying this link ... Master PDF File ... though, I would suggest that a better way would be the above ... to view each article separately ... perhaps you will want to see some but not others. This file is nearly 1 MB.