Here are some things I have worked on over the years ... perhaps bits and pieces may be useful. ADOBE ACROBAT READER is needed for most of these. If you have any questions about these, send me a note at ... Dennis Roberts

Feel free to use any of what is here. I am particularly interested in having students access these for their courses that they might be taking ... these might provide some alternative readings on some particular topics. If you use any of these in a more formal way (you may NOT include them in some book of readings where students or others are charged $$$ for the book ... without my specific permission) ... please send me a note the use you are making of these ... just a way for me to keep track. Thanks!

NOTE: Some documents did not convert to pdf files perfectly so, you might notice a wee glitch here and there ... however, I don't think that will impede anyone from getting the gist of the documents. If you find some aggregious problem, let me know.


Parts from my book Descriptive and Inferential Statistical Analysis ... can be found here ... note, there are a few chapters that are not here due to file problems ... sorry (and nothing I can do about it).

Other Stat Things

  • Proof that r between X and Y' = 1
  • Sampling Distributions and n
  • Confidence Interval and Standard Error
  • Simple Primer on ANCOVA
  • Model for ANOVA ...
  • Roberts on Overrated Importance of Statistics
  • Levene's Test of Spread
  • Reduction of Error Variance by Adding more Predictors
  • Pooled and Non Pooled Error Terms for Two Sample t Test on Means
  • Several 2 by 2 Tables for Errors and Power ... sorry, mu and alpha did not translate too well ...
  • Articles on Significance Testing (not mine)
  • Get Rid of Some Formulas!
  • Stop Using Spearman Rank-Order Correlation
  • Short note on Margin of Error
  • Handout on special stat distributions


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