List of titles of Feasibility Reports:


This is a partial list of titles from past feasibility reports.  They show what areas some students chose to focus on in their inquiry into a problem.  Though it may not seem like it right now, the feasibility report is right around the corner, and the sooner you focus your research on a particular problem, the sooner you can start getting the info that will really help you.   As you can see, the organizations and businesses focused on cover a wide ray of possibilities.

  1. Increasing Attendance at Financial Seminars for the AFG Co.  

  2.  Increasing the Number of Employees at Barzona & Son Construction  

  3. Fighting High Employee Turnover Rates at Hill's Quality Seafood  

  4. Increasing Customer Service by Improving the Automated Answering                                  Service at the Penn State Golf Courses  

  5. Improving Sales at Kowloon Buffet  

  6. Addressing the Treasury and Accounting Problems at Pi Kappa Phi  

  7. Solving Communication Marketing Action's Organizational Problems  

  8. Saving Unity Township's Summer Recreation Program  

  9. Late Night Safety at the White Building  

  10. Improving Quality at Prospector's Allegheny Rib Co. to Increase Customer Satisfaction  

  11. Reducing and Preventing Theft at McLanahan's Drugstore  

  12. Tri-Con Construction Information Systems: Solutions to Today's Problems  

  13. Affirmative Action for Under Represented Asian Americans At Penn State  

  14. Improving the Education Program at MBNA Marketing Systems  

  15. An Analysis of Dairy Queen's Employee Schedule Program  

  16. Minority Student-Athlete Enrichment at Penn State  

  17. The Computer Labs:  Increase Training, Increase Efficiency  

  18. Increasing Fundraising Efforts at Internet Policy Institute  

  19. Increasing Profits: Patient/Physician Distribution  

  20. Improving Training at PNC Bank to Reduce Turnover  

  21. Reducing Paper Usage at Accu Weather, Inc.  


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