These are the questions I will be asking you to use to rough draft each other's papers.  Knowing what they are going to concentrate on while you are writing should help you avoid some pitfalls in crafting your first assignment.

English 202D

Document Review 2: Proposal for Feasibility Report




1.       Does the writer include all the components of the proposal: Introduction, three part Problem statement, Research Plan, Schedule, Qualifications Statement, Conclusion?

2.       Does the Introduction have clear and effective purpose and preview statement?  Does it indicate who the target audience for the feasibility report will be (and why this audience is appropriate)?

3.       Does the Problem Statement include relevant and specific background information about the company/ organization and the way things should work in its Ideal paragraph?  Does the Real paragraph discuss what has gone wrong, precisely?  Does the Consequences paragraph adequately describe the negative effects of the problem, both current and potentially long term?  Putting yourself in the shoes of the target audience, are you convinces that this is a problem that needs resolution and that is serious enough to deserve a research project dedicated to finding that solution?

4.       Does the Research Plan detail what kinds of information will be needed to define the problem, research solutions, and evaluation them toward an eventual recommendation?  Does the author have a solid sense of where this information may be obtained?  Does the person have realistic access to the data?  Does the project plan sound like it will yield information that will effectively persuade the target audience?  Does it sound feasible?

5.       Does the Schedule give the target audience a clear and definitive sense of what steps must be completed to effectively research the project and deliver a recommendation?  Does it seem performable in the timeframe available?  Evaluate the schedule’s visual appeal, readability, and content.

6.      Does the Qualifications Statement present the writer/researcher as a credible, informed individual who can effectively develop and produce this research project?  Does she or he elaborate on what experience, background, skills, and resources make her or him qualified to do the research?  Based on the information provided and putting yourself again in the target audience’s shoes, do you feel that this individual is prepared and qualified to give you a recommendation regarding your problem?

7.      Does the Conclusion ask for authorization to proceed with the research report?  Does it provide a summary of content (what is the problem and why is it necessary to address; why is this person qualified and does he or she have a reasonable plan and schedule)?



  1. Does the letter conform to standard block or modified block format?
  2. Is the letter organized clearly?  Is it attractive and professional in its presentation?
  3. Is the letter free or all spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors?
  4. Does the writer employ active voice, except where appropriate to use passive?
  5. Does the writer use precise, concise, and vivid diction to convey meaning?
  6. Are sentences and paragraphs coherent?  Do they use appropriate transitions?
  7. Is the letter reader centered, considering both the immediate audience of the instructor, as well as the target audience as the intended recipient of the feasibility report?


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